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Temple Grandin

The noted animal behaviorist, Temple Grandin, was at our local Barnes and Noble (El Cerrito, CA) last Wednesday, and I am so happy that I was there.

Temple Grandin is noted for her work in animal treatment and in autism.  She herself has Aspberger’s Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. My interest in her works is twofold:  my oldest grandniece has Aspberger’s Syndrome and I have my “animal farm” Stan, Ollie and Lucy.

Several years ago when my niece was diagonosed with Aspberger’s I wanted to learn all I could….and shortly thereafter I found myself at an educator’s conference for Aspberger’s where Temple Grandin was the key speaker. I learned so much that day….and I still repeat this sentence from Temple that day,  “We with Aspberger’s just don’t get the visual cues. You guys have all this eye connection stuff going on. We just don’t get it. We are literal!” It wasn’t long after that I saw my niece…and it had only been a month since I’d seen her. I said, “Chlo…you’ve grown a foot since I last saw you.” Where upon she looked down at her feet…looked up with a smile and said, “Whoops! Wrong foot!”  I was so pleased that she recognized the difference. She is now 17 and we are all proud of what she has accomplished.

Temple has written several books and one of her most recent is “Animals Make us Human“. For us animal lovers the book is a gem. It points out the joys of animals  and how having them can not only enrich our lives but make us better people. Temple also writes about our responsibilities as pet owners. I kind of hate the expression pet owners. I like to think of my pets as my animal companions. And they do indeed enrich my life.

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