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It’s raining!

It’s raining again…we had several almost summer like days this past week. But the rain is back! I am looking out the window onto the deck watching the rain bounce off the picnic table. Stan had to go out…but that only lasted for a few minutes as the rain got heavier…and then I hear his scratching at the door. He meant business…he wanted in and wanted in now. His brother Ollie didn’t venture out on that same journey. They are both inside now and fancy this….just laying around! 

Lucy had lots of exercise this weekend. We were at Pt Isabel yesterday morning before Knitting Workshop. Even though we had a date with our knitting friends and dogs to go to Pt Isabel later in the morning today, Lucy and I still went at our usual time. I was afraid that it would be raining later and we would cancel our date. Well, it was drizzingly and we didn’t cancel. The dogs – Lucy, Rufus, Taffy and Rockie – had the best time romping in the rain and puddles. And while I wasn’t romping, you should have seen my clogs! Much mud! Kimberly had girlie pink boots to protect her and Sheri had major hiking boots! 

Lucy has had a restful afternoon. Yeah! I think I should have joined her for a nap. Feel like I’m fading!

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Lucy got a message

Have you all met Taffy, Kimberly’s 10-month + puppy? Today I broke out laughing with the following email.

Taffy just jumped into my lap and typed this urgent message: “z b mmnjbgt nb/”

I assume Lucy will understand.


Lucy is frequently attempting to jump in my lap and as soon as I get through thinking how cute she is then we get into redirecting. Right now I’ve been successful…she’s quite busy in the other room…oh, maybe I should check it out. Yep, she’s engaged the hoof…her latest chew.

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