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Boy…it’s been weeks of cabin fever…rain and more rain! Today is the second day of no rain and my “animal farm” is very happy. Lucy, who hasn’t had nearly enough exercise in the last couple weeks, is laying on the deck by the open back door. She is quiet, content…and doing her job of contently guarding the house. The cats, Stan and Ollie who are now almost 2 1/2 years old, are checking out the neighborhood….they’ll be home soon! Lucy just turned 2…didn’t I just bring her home the other day? She is such a good dog….and the cats are great…and of course, there is no bias on my part. Each day starts with them making me laugh….I wake with “oh no, it’s time to get up….then I see these guys beginning to scamper around and I just plain laugh! Spring photos coming soon!

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Trying to squeeze a little computer time in here tonight….Lucy is sleeping…and boy I can get a lot done when that pup is down. I need to go into the other room but if I do my computer time is up! She had a great run at Pt Isabel this morning…it was gray and brisk…and she and ran…while I walked along. I was here for part of the morning – a vacation day – and then Bill, his son Rich and I were off to a family memorial service in Rocklin, CA…couple hours from here. Lucy was eager to see me return at 6pm…Stan has been around tonight…and oh where is that rascal Ollie?

Some new photos will be posted soon….yesterday Lucy was 18 months old…the kittens/now cats are 23 mos old…tjhey’ve been with me since they were 2 1/2 mos old….I can hardly believe it! Some days seem to labor on…and then I reflect on where has the time gone.

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The gang – Stan, Ollie, and Lucy

I am squeezing in a quick post….Lucy, the love, would really like it if we went for a run tonight….but after a 3-day weekend of giving her enough exercise…and my dancing night at a good friend’s anniversary party on Saturday….I am reticient to do a lot of foot movement. My “damn” callous on my foot with the broken toe cracked. Okay, I just have to say “what the hell”. Now that is off my chest!

Stan, Ollie, and Lucy are the best….and photos of their latest escapades are to appear soon. Tonight I let Lucy into the backyard only to be greeted by the smell of a skunk. We moved quickly!

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The Animal Farm – August

Can it really be….almost the whole month of August unposted for the animal farm? Well….I was just getting ready to schedule Lucy to be “fixed” and I missed it. She has been in heat now for two weeks…and poor pup…she has been acting under the weather. I remember way back when I was more than a little miserable during that human time of same event. Tonight she is cranky…not enough exercise…we did get to Memorial Park this morning….we were able to “sneak” in between people and dogs around 6:30 am. She is missing her dog friend Sophie. It will be some reunion when they meet up again next weekend. The cats, Stan and Ollie, have been tolerating her crankiness…in fact, they are quite gentle with her.

So….guess what we are doing next month? I will schedule Lucy for appointment mid-September. Okay…time to cozy up with Lucy….I like to call it “settle” time.

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The “Farm”

It seems special tonight. I was greeted by Stan as I soon as I got out of the car. He sauntered his way around me and then entered into the house to be greeted by the ever energetic Lucy dog. Then I played with Lucy for a bit with the game – tossing the tennis balls – and continued until I needed a break because I really wanted to work on the computer. Thank God I stopped by the butcher’s and got frozen bones with marrow. Lucy is in “appetizer” heaven and I am in a state of calm. It became even calmer as I looked down at the backdoor window to see Ollie waiting patiently to come home.

Who knows? It could get even better!

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Can it be possible that it’s 3 weeks since I’ve posted about the animal farm….looks there’s a little spring fever here. And isn’t it just delightful that daylight savings time went into effect last weekend. Beautiful evenings here.

Lucy turned one-year old this past weekend. Can hardly believe it….no there wasn’t a party…but she certainly played hard and hung out with me a lot. Here are some random photos taken recently. And the boy kittens, Stan and Ollie should probably be called cats now….they are 17 mos. The friendship between the three – Lucy, Stan and Ollie – has worked out quite nicely. Last night I awoke to have Ollie and Lucy cuddled up together smothering me!

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We took a walk!

I was lagging a bit on Sunday morning….so Lucy and I set out for a walk in the neighborhood rather than driving to Pt Isabel. Lucy was ready to go….and so Ollie. I heard this “thunder” of cat feet and there he was once again running ahead of us and stopping to let us catch up. It’s pretty comical. Here’s another slide show as well as the photos in still presentation. Tell me which presentation you prefer.

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The first shot of the partners in crime is posted as the header. They had all been resting yesterday before this photo was taken….so they were somewhat in slow motion…as was I.

But today as I type and listen to The Tournament of Roses Parade, the rascal team partnered to “eat” my Celtic Welsh Love Spoon. This personal treasure  use to hang on my kitchen wall by the door to the front porch. It seems that one of the cats knocked it off the wall….I heard some crunching…and discovered Lucy eating away on this spoon which I had for some 30 years…a sentimental treasure collected on a trip to England and Wales with my mother those many years ago. The good news is that I had many years of enjoyment of that piece….and now will dream of another one.

Those rascals!

Ollie and Lucy

Ollie and Lucy - New Year's Eve

Lucy checking out the boys!

Lucy checking out the boys!

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It was great to get away to spend time with my niece and her family. We RV’d at Woodsmith RV camp in Felton, just a few miles from Santa Cruz.

As all we pet owners know it’s a joy having them and often a challenge to be sure they are taken care of when we are away. In this case I am more grateful to my neighbor, Hildagarde, for taking care of  Stan and Ollie; and to Metro Dog for taking care of Lucy.

The boy cats, Stan and Ollie,  stayed inside and were well tended…. I had to laugh when I came in after being gone for two days…all was well but they had rearranged a couple of things. Who knew they were so strong as to pull a blanket off the futon?!

I then let them out to the outdoors and had much pleasure watching them explore the yard that they had missed for a couple of days.

When I came back into El Cerrito yesterday morning, I picked up Lucy from her dog “hotel” Metro Dog. I love this place. Lucy is always well cared for…and I get a full report of how she behaved. I picked her up around 9:45 am…came home….a few minutes later we were home and I was on the phone with Lucy at my feet on the deck. She was basking in the sun and falling asleep at the same time. I broke out laughing as I saw her head nodding off…and of course, that woke her up. It has been a blessed weekend as Lucy is “recovering” from her great hotel stay. She is resting from so much dog activity…and I have been able to easily get lots done.Thank you Metro Dog!

And here are some recent photos of Lucy at Metro Dog and at Pt Isabel. You will see also a photo or two of the elusive cats.  Soon I will post about a beautiful dog that I saw at Pt Isabel last weekend…she was a Shiloh German Shepard. I am expecting to receive photos any day…I forgot my camera that morning.

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So many photos – so little time!

Okay...here are two of the three. Ollie will hang with the group...but it's not easy to catch him on camera.

The animal farm is such a joy! I’ve been able to take many photos over the last few weeks…and the challenge is to share them all. I am getting very close to having a photo of all three….but for now it’s still that Lucy and Stan show.

Stay tuned for more photos…the dog park (Pt Isabel) and Metro Dog. Lucy has so much dog social interaction. She meets so many dogs…and thus I meet so many more people!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am more than grateful for Stan, Ollie, and Lucy…and of, course, my people family and friends.

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