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Stan – a ponderous moment!

Has it really been since February that I last chatted about my animal farm?! Well…it has and now the “kids” are back! What’s been going on here….more  time in my yard with an emphasis towards home improvement….as well as I let my busy-like nature get in the way of being current on this blog.

Here’s the cat activity around the new herb garden.

Enjoy Stan’s new perch .

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The Day Begins!

Time to join the blogging world again…

The day begins with Ollie cat leading the way for Lucy and me to walk our morning walk….note Stan can’t be bothered and you can find him resting and waiting for us at home.

Hope your Christmas was joyous and the best for the New Year!

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Random photos and thoughts

So….Ollie is walking all over my desk…what’s the deal? He’s had dinner…where is his brother Stan? Lucy is trying to supervise but the cat is outwitting the dog. There’s a chill in the air and we’re all in tonight. I’m dreaming of knitting, cooking, blogging, reading, and of course chores…what will really get done? Chili is on the stove…one of my comfort foods. The blogging is in process. I’ll knit and I am also eager to dive into some “new” family history information that I received yesterday. Who knew that I had a great (5 x’s) grandfather in the American Revolution. It was in the Miles FamilyHistory  book but I never quite read that far back. My paternal grandmother Alta was a Miles.

Earlier this week I was able to capture the early morning activity around here…..the cats and dog waking to the world!

Last night was amazing in that the sunset was stunning and so many of us were out walking our dogs and children and muttering “Who can believe it’s November?” I had a moment of joy about living in California….remembering why….the beauty of the autumn sunsets. (Be sure to scroll down to see the sunset photos.)

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They are all home….Lucy, Stan and Ollie. Well, Lucy is always home with me but sometimes those boy cats are not sure when they should come home. They do come home every day, but my goodness they can keep irregular night hours. But tonight is perfect…they are all here. Lucy is very busy with frozen bone with beef marrow….until a few minutes ago Ollie was sleeping at my feet…and independent Stan is sleeping elsewhere.

The really big news is that Lucy gets to go to Pt Isabel tomorrow. I am thinking that she and her dog friend Sophie will be over the top with dog glee. Camera will be on hand. I must confess that I am too looking forward to their “dog date”.  I love their dog enthusiam, enjoy the walks with dog friend Karen and am very happy to get Lucy back to her dog world.

The next adventure is for Lucy to become friends with our young neighbor who lives next door. She is 6 yrs old, charming, and eager to be friends with Lucy.  While Lucy is just a loving warm dog, she is showing a little dog grumpy, i.e. barking at anything and all things, since she has been “cabin-bound”. Soon…my young neighbor and I will be walking Lucy together sometimes…they will become great friends…and all will be quieter!

Must end day in  saying….I look at that girl dog and often wonder if I was in my right mind to add more one “thing” to my list….and then I look at her again and I realize it was and is so right!

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Christmas morning began with a team pet effort to rearrange the ribbons and wrapping papers. These items were stored, rather haphazardly, on the bottom shelf of the linen closet. Curious Stan and Ollie opened the linen closet, pulled out ribbons, etc…and Lucy took over. Need a personal shredder? You can hire this team. Wish I had thought to take photos before the clean up…but here’s what it looks like when it’s almost done.

The Christmas wrap cleanup!

The Christmas wrap cleanup!

When I finished organizing….Lucy and I headed out to Manteca to celebrate Christmas with my family at Honara’s home. Lucy was beside herself with an 1 1/2 hour car trip…looking every which way to take in all the sights along the way.

There were already three dogs there when we arrived…Honara’s two pugs – Charlie and Lucy (yes, another Lucy)…and my sister’s family dog, Cody. They all played reasonably well…but Lucy, with her high energy level, did get some “time outs” into the back yard….when all the guests arrived the four dogs were sent to their separate spaces. In my Lucy’s case, she had the backyard and her crate…the weather was good.

About mid-day my nephew and I took Lucy for a walk in a large fenced area…she had a great time…as did we…and then I discovered that I lost my cell phone in that large park…and it was not to be found again. Ugh!

Lucy and I headed back home at the end of the day…she and I were both “pooped” and due to several phone searches…did not get home until early evening…rather than in time to join with Bill and his family for a second dinner. Lucy “crashed” and slept through until morning. I cracked up as her head nodded off and she brought her paw over eyes.

Began this post about the linen closet and will end with the coat closet in the same hallway. It has been very cold here and the thermostat on my heater went out a couple of days ago (to be replaced in a couple of hours)….the boy kittens found a new place to sleep last night. They also found the warmest spot in the house during the day. Here are the boys!

Stan and Ollie

Stan and Ollie in the coat closet

Stan and Ollie

Stan and Ollie basking in the kitchen sun!

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