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Who could believe that it would be snowing in the Greater Bay of San Francisco yesterday…well, it was! This morning at 7:00 am it was truly freezing…33 degrees when I entered the car (yes, I know that freezing is 32 degrees…but given the look of my car I knew that 32 had hit)….no wonder the whole car looked like Jack Frost. I tried to leave home…but found that I needed to “water” the car…well, that was not so successful at the beginning. The water in the garden hose was frozen…I thought I’d leave the driveway anyway…and that the ice would magically disappear while backing out of the driveway. How quickly one forgets when not living in the snow! I parked the car on the street…ran back up the driveway with the idea that I would get water from the house to pour over the car windows. Then I heard the water coming from the water hose…the same one that had previously been frozen. When I threw that frozen hose aside minutes before I thought I had turned off the water flow. Wrong! When I picked up that now functioning hose, I wasn’t prepared for the blast of water. I am surprised that I my body didn’t suddenly appear with frost with the amount of water which sprayed not only over my car but me!  It’s now 7:20 and I’m thinking it would be best if I didn’t leave home…but rational thinking came back quickly…I called the office to let them know I had survived the “great freeze” and that I was on my way.

One might ask, “What does this have to do with the Animal Farm Blog?” The answer – the animal farm was not let out of the house today or yesterday…except Lucy for business purposes… the boy kittens, Stan and Ollie,  have now been indoors for two days. I did not want to risk them being outside in freezing weather.

Photos (not related to the freeze) to follow!

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Yeah…Lucy is sleeping and the boy kittens are out either napping or touring the neighborhood. Oh, Stan just sauntered into the room. Lucy has had a great exercise weekend…Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Pt Isabel. We started each day early and in the case of today we were there at sunrise. The moon was still full and going down. Of course, Lucy ran and ran and ran some more which makes for a happy restful household.

She has taken to wanting me not to be at the keyboard. She will bring a squeaky toy over, throw her front legs over my lap while she has her back paws on the floor…and the squeaking and squirming begin. Got to say this girl really loves the people connection. And now some recent photos of the “farm”.

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