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I love to tell tales about the “animal farm”…so where have I been? Summer, garden, a family reunion trip, and marathon knitting. All the while the camera has been snapping photos…and dog park friend Karen and I have lots of laughs around our Pt. Isabel safaris.

Karen often talks about our trailblazing through the dry grass of the park…we find our way from one path to another. Lucy and Sophie continue to be the best of friends. Some random photos from this last month….and more tales of the gang to follow!

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Lucy and Sophie!


A couple of weeks ago Karen and I crossed paths crossed again. For years we walked with Toni and Breezy…our beloved dogs who both have died within the last 18 months. We lost track of each other for awhile…and then we were recently both at Pt Isabel walking our pups – Lucy and Sophie – and we literally crossed paths. I heard a familiar voice say, “You don’t recognize me, do you?”

Now how much fun that Lucy and Sophie are great friends like Toni and Breezy were. They run, jump into the air together….even drink out of the same water bowl (Breezy certainly would not have done that even though she loved Toni!)

Here are the girls!

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