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Another Lucy girl moment!

My glasses!

Can you imagine what these use to be?

One morning recently as I was getting ready for work I began looking for my glasses. Oh….where were they? Certainly not in the familiar spots…my night stand…the bathroom….the computer….maybe even the kitchen. No! Finally I think I better check under the blankets on the futon/bed and sure enough there were the remains!

Of course I am stunned….these are my progressive photo gray glasses…not my dime-store magnifers. My girl dog has great expensive tastes! Be reminded that his happened in the middle of the night and I was certainly not awake to this event so there was no training hours later that would help alert her that she made a grave mistake!

However, tonight as I am working on the computer she stole one of my shoes resting underneath my computer chair….and I was able to lecture about taking my stuff……she had the appropriate dropped eyes and mouth.

Got to love this girl dog!  And that I do!

More tomorrow re: the wonderful boy cats.

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