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Thanks to Jan for suggesting we take a walk at Pt Isabel yesterday afternoon…..as it turned out Jan decided not to go…..but what a great time was had by Lucy. She was leash free and romping through the wet field….including the puddles. She had a great exercise day….a 30-min walk in the morning and 30 minutes at the dog park. It was a restful night for all!

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A great idea for Lucy!

As many of you know it rained last weekend….and Lucy does not love the water. However, she had cabin fever and we went off to Pt Isabel on both weekend days. On Saturday she got to run with her dog friend Sophie while Karen and I walked along behind them laughing at their antics thinking they were and are the cutest dogs ever! Sunday found Lucy and me at the park without Sophie and Karen….they had better sense and stayed home out of the rain…but again Lucy had cabin fever and I wanted to write…so she needed to have exercise. I could tell that Lucy was  perplexed while we were at the dog park…. dog pal Sophie wasn’t there…but she managed to romp along.

In spite of never feeling like there is enough time…I am so glad that Lucy and the boy cats Stan and Ollie live here. They make me smile and my heart happy!

Photos from the dog park coming soon!

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Karen’s Epiphany!


“S…, it’s raining!” And I follow that announcment with, “Yep, it’s not the fog!” Did Lucy and Sopie care? Not one iota!

They had already been bursting with their running and dog hugging up for some 30 mins or so….and they could care less that some rain drops were coming. Sophie is truly a water dog…she manages to take a swim in the Bay water at least once while she is circulating throughout Pt Isabel. Lucy, on the other hand, does not like to run into the water so she will wait atop the ridges, wait for Sophie to return and then tumble upon her as soon as she can get close enough. Sometimes we – Karen, Lucy and I – are moving on to encourage Sophie to follow…and she does eventually.

Lucy actually had a break-through on retrieving this morning….Karen lobs the ball off into the great sky and the dogs retrieve. Lucy loves to get the ball and usually drops it on the way back because she spots Sophie waiting for her return. Today Lucy actually brought the ball back – twice – to Karen’s feet.

Some photos from the last few Pt Isabel visits.

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Lucy and Sophie!


A couple of weeks ago Karen and I crossed paths crossed again. For years we walked with Toni and Breezy…our beloved dogs who both have died within the last 18 months. We lost track of each other for awhile…and then we were recently both at Pt Isabel walking our pups – Lucy and Sophie – and we literally crossed paths. I heard a familiar voice say, “You don’t recognize me, do you?”

Now how much fun that Lucy and Sophie are great friends like Toni and Breezy were. They run, jump into the air together….even drink out of the same water bowl (Breezy certainly would not have done that even though she loved Toni!)

Here are the girls!

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Ollie and Stan

Be sure to scroll down to the slide show link.

The boy kittens, Stan and Ollie, are just easy going….settled and somehow they have bypassed their “teen years”. They are just plain settled! In  the meantime Lucy is still settling and it could be some years! Ha!

Saturday started with Lucy waking at 4:30 – and that is a.m. –  believing the whole world was on her clock…after about an hour where I was barely responding she began standing up over me in the bed – all 50-60 lbs of her. Now that is not the best way for the dog to be….but I must say when I finally get out of my groggy sleepy state, it is quite comical to see her so full of life and energy…I’ m clearly not yet there but I am trying to jump on board. I crawl out bed about 6, make the coffee….now everyone is excited – the cats, the dog, and almost me!

Pt Isabel Trail

Now we are off to the dog park. We are there just a matter of minutes when I walk on a rock and throw myself to the ground. The good news – no broken bones! Hit both hands and one hip….but only have small bruise on palm of hand. Lucy did the right thing – she stopped and checked back in to make sure I was okay and then she was off on her run.

It’s like the whole dog park is her perosnal trampoline. She runs, she checks in to see if I am following, she flies through the grass….and all of theis reminds me to be more grounded in the things that are important to me…my family, my friends, my pets.

Lucy - the lively girl!

And now a slide show – many more of Lucy the pup only because the boys are harder to capture.

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Can it be possible that it’s 3 weeks since I’ve posted about the animal farm….looks there’s a little spring fever here. And isn’t it just delightful that daylight savings time went into effect last weekend. Beautiful evenings here.

Lucy turned one-year old this past weekend. Can hardly believe it….no there wasn’t a party…but she certainly played hard and hung out with me a lot. Here are some random photos taken recently. And the boy kittens, Stan and Ollie should probably be called cats now….they are 17 mos. The friendship between the three – Lucy, Stan and Ollie – has worked out quite nicely. Last night I awoke to have Ollie and Lucy cuddled up together smothering me!

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The “Big Heat” is over

My girl Lucy is a trouper (and I might say those of us who lived with her earn a little praise). The heat is over….we had a couple of small around-the-block walks this last week. Now the best is yet to come…we are off to Pt Isabel in the early am…rain or shine….and then it will be home for shower and nap time for Lucy. Her naturally good and even personality has continued from puppyhood  through her 10th month.

Tomorrow…photos of Lucy back at the dog park. It will be heaven for her and a blessing for me as she nods off for a nap during Saturday morning workshop. Stay tuned!

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It was great to get away to spend time with my niece and her family. We RV’d at Woodsmith RV camp in Felton, just a few miles from Santa Cruz.

As all we pet owners know it’s a joy having them and often a challenge to be sure they are taken care of when we are away. In this case I am more grateful to my neighbor, Hildagarde, for taking care of  Stan and Ollie; and to Metro Dog for taking care of Lucy.

The boy cats, Stan and Ollie,  stayed inside and were well tended…. I had to laugh when I came in after being gone for two days…all was well but they had rearranged a couple of things. Who knew they were so strong as to pull a blanket off the futon?!

I then let them out to the outdoors and had much pleasure watching them explore the yard that they had missed for a couple of days.

When I came back into El Cerrito yesterday morning, I picked up Lucy from her dog “hotel” Metro Dog. I love this place. Lucy is always well cared for…and I get a full report of how she behaved. I picked her up around 9:45 am…came home….a few minutes later we were home and I was on the phone with Lucy at my feet on the deck. She was basking in the sun and falling asleep at the same time. I broke out laughing as I saw her head nodding off…and of course, that woke her up. It has been a blessed weekend as Lucy is “recovering” from her great hotel stay. She is resting from so much dog activity…and I have been able to easily get lots done.Thank you Metro Dog!

And here are some recent photos of Lucy at Metro Dog and at Pt Isabel. You will see also a photo or two of the elusive cats.  Soon I will post about a beautiful dog that I saw at Pt Isabel last weekend…she was a Shiloh German Shepard. I am expecting to receive photos any day…I forgot my camera that morning.

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The gang!

Another lively few days with the gang – Stan, Ollie, and Lucy! The boy kittens are quite calm…whereas I think Lucy must be entering her “terrible two’s”…for the most part a joy of a pup…but at this very moment she is a picklehead. Let’s see…where do I begin. She awoke throwing up this morning…that settled down….and much laundry later….a great run at Pt Isabel….more figure 8’s….home to a shower and flea treatment (just maintenance and that would be for Lucy not me!)….a nap…..and she has been “defurred” with that great comb. Now shouldn’t she be ready for another nap….she is quite wired this morning. Probably has nothing to do with my tempo!

Oh….it’s calm now. Lucy is guarding the deck and may be even drifting off to sleep. Yeah!

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