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Lucy dog and I headed out for our morning walk…..she on her leash beside me while I am listening to “The Paris Wife”….have the iPhone in my pocket…no ear buds as I want to hear things around me. Lucy and I walked two blocks before Ollie cat joined us….he had much to say along the way. We only walked two more blocks before I felt like we had entered twilight zone with a flashback to Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”. There were a few blackbirds sitting on the telephone wires. One of them took a particular interest in Ollie….that darn blackbird kept swooping down and moving from block to block. At one point I picked up the cat. After about 3 more blocks the blackbird stopped trailing us. It’s soon time to turn the corner heading back home…..Lucy digs in her heels and we have to have a moment of chat. Onward…..and then there was the squirrel….more rigid moments in Lucy’s body. Stan cat greets us (now it’s just Lucy and me….Ollie left us a couple blocks before home). Stan is stretching and rolling over on his back as we walk up the driveway. Then he jumps up to kiss Lucy. Stan likes to stay home and “guard” the house.

It’s been a “jungle” kind of morning!

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Karen’s Epiphany!


“S…, it’s raining!” And I follow that announcment with, “Yep, it’s not the fog!” Did Lucy and Sopie care? Not one iota!

They had already been bursting with their running and dog hugging up for some 30 mins or so….and they could care less that some rain drops were coming. Sophie is truly a water dog…she manages to take a swim in the Bay water at least once while she is circulating throughout Pt Isabel. Lucy, on the other hand, does not like to run into the water so she will wait atop the ridges, wait for Sophie to return and then tumble upon her as soon as she can get close enough. Sometimes we – Karen, Lucy and I – are moving on to encourage Sophie to follow…and she does eventually.

Lucy actually had a break-through on retrieving this morning….Karen lobs the ball off into the great sky and the dogs retrieve. Lucy loves to get the ball and usually drops it on the way back because she spots Sophie waiting for her return. Today Lucy actually brought the ball back – twice – to Karen’s feet.

Some photos from the last few Pt Isabel visits.

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Trying to squeeze a little computer time in here tonight….Lucy is sleeping…and boy I can get a lot done when that pup is down. I need to go into the other room but if I do my computer time is up! She had a great run at Pt Isabel this morning…it was gray and brisk…and she and ran…while I walked along. I was here for part of the morning – a vacation day – and then Bill, his son Rich and I were off to a family memorial service in Rocklin, CA…couple hours from here. Lucy was eager to see me return at 6pm…Stan has been around tonight…and oh where is that rascal Ollie?

Some new photos will be posted soon….yesterday Lucy was 18 months old…the kittens/now cats are 23 mos old…tjhey’ve been with me since they were 2 1/2 mos old….I can hardly believe it! Some days seem to labor on…and then I reflect on where has the time gone.

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The gang – Stan, Ollie, and Lucy

I am squeezing in a quick post….Lucy, the love, would really like it if we went for a run tonight….but after a 3-day weekend of giving her enough exercise…and my dancing night at a good friend’s anniversary party on Saturday….I am reticient to do a lot of foot movement. My “damn” callous on my foot with the broken toe cracked. Okay, I just have to say “what the hell”. Now that is off my chest!

Stan, Ollie, and Lucy are the best….and photos of their latest escapades are to appear soon. Tonight I let Lucy into the backyard only to be greeted by the smell of a skunk. We moved quickly!

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More about Lucy

I’m still waiting for the perfect photo moment to capture the three – Stan, Ollie, and Lucy – all in one shot. Once that happens…I’ll post it almost immediately. Actually, the morning time would be perfect as they all awake calm and not chasing each other yet! The march to the back door is pretty funny – I am still in my morning fog directing them all out….and it’s the funniest thing to see all the feet headed to the greater outdoors.

Lucy had another great dog park weekend….twice at Pt Isabel, a couple of times at the neighborhood park and Saturday midday found us climbing/hiking behind the El Cerrito Recycling Center. And Lucy met another dog friend….here are her latest adventures!

Rat! (not literally)….Ollie isn’t home yet…that gad-about! The other two are getting ready to call it a day!….some 15 minutes later and moving up to 10:45 pm and the gad-about is home….yeah!

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