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It’s time to be back and chat about this great animal “farm” of mine. The sounds were particularly beautiful this morning at 7:15 am or so. The crows were cawing, Ollie cat was sounding his familiar cry (I’m joining you), the air had a slight chill and the skies were lovely. It was a perfect way to start the day. On this day I didn’t listen to my audio book…simply listened to the sounds of nature.

Oh…..where was Stan cat? Apparently he stayed home to guard the house.

Glad to be back on the blogging trail…sharing the walks and stuff of Stan, Ollie and Lucy!

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Knitting, working, hanging out with Bill, walking Lucy, reading, gardening, home stuff…..but not blogging! So…I’m catching up here! Just finished posting about family history – a trip back in time to the remains of an old town and my grandpa’s homestead.

At the end of a day Lucy pup is not excited to have me at the keyboard….she is happiest when I end the day sitting next to her….I read or knit and she licks! I do see some of her puppy ways leaving her…although yesterday morning she very cleverly came into the bathroom as I was preparing myself for work…and she snuck out with one my shoe thong/sandals. Luckily I figured it out before this one thong became history. She was a little surprised when she got a thump on her butt!

The other evening I was startled by what seemed to be an odd movement…it was the flicker of a cat’s head…that’s not so unusual…it’s where it came from.. Check out Ollie.

There will be dog park photos tomorrow….some recent ones and some new ones that I know will happen in the morning!

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