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It was great to get away to spend time with my niece and her family. We RV’d at Woodsmith RV camp in Felton, just a few miles from Santa Cruz.

As all we pet owners know it’s a joy having them and often a challenge to be sure they are taken care of when we are away. In this case I am more grateful to my neighbor, Hildagarde, for taking care of  Stan and Ollie; and to Metro Dog for taking care of Lucy.

The boy cats, Stan and Ollie,  stayed inside and were well tended…. I had to laugh when I came in after being gone for two days…all was well but they had rearranged a couple of things. Who knew they were so strong as to pull a blanket off the futon?!

I then let them out to the outdoors and had much pleasure watching them explore the yard that they had missed for a couple of days.

When I came back into El Cerrito yesterday morning, I picked up Lucy from her dog “hotel” Metro Dog. I love this place. Lucy is always well cared for…and I get a full report of how she behaved. I picked her up around 9:45 am…came home….a few minutes later we were home and I was on the phone with Lucy at my feet on the deck. She was basking in the sun and falling asleep at the same time. I broke out laughing as I saw her head nodding off…and of course, that woke her up. It has been a blessed weekend as Lucy is “recovering” from her great hotel stay. She is resting from so much dog activity…and I have been able to easily get lots done.Thank you Metro Dog!

And here are some recent photos of Lucy at Metro Dog and at Pt Isabel. You will see also a photo or two of the elusive cats.  Soon I will post about a beautiful dog that I saw at Pt Isabel last weekend…she was a Shiloh German Shepard. I am expecting to receive photos any day…I forgot my camera that morning.

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