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Ollie and Stan

Be sure to scroll down to the slide show link.

The boy kittens, Stan and Ollie, are just easy going….settled and somehow they have bypassed their “teen years”. They are just plain settled! In  the meantime Lucy is still settling and it could be some years! Ha!

Saturday started with Lucy waking at 4:30 – and that is a.m. –  believing the whole world was on her clock…after about an hour where I was barely responding she began standing up over me in the bed – all 50-60 lbs of her. Now that is not the best way for the dog to be….but I must say when I finally get out of my groggy sleepy state, it is quite comical to see her so full of life and energy…I’ m clearly not yet there but I am trying to jump on board. I crawl out bed about 6, make the coffee….now everyone is excited – the cats, the dog, and almost me!

Pt Isabel Trail

Now we are off to the dog park. We are there just a matter of minutes when I walk on a rock and throw myself to the ground. The good news – no broken bones! Hit both hands and one hip….but only have small bruise on palm of hand. Lucy did the right thing – she stopped and checked back in to make sure I was okay and then she was off on her run.

It’s like the whole dog park is her perosnal trampoline. She runs, she checks in to see if I am following, she flies through the grass….and all of theis reminds me to be more grounded in the things that are important to me…my family, my friends, my pets.

Lucy - the lively girl!

And now a slide show – many more of Lucy the pup only because the boys are harder to capture.

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