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With the encouragement and recommendation of my friend Kimberly, I’ve engaged Family Pet Care to help my kelpie/lab mix Lucy get more exercise. For the last month I’ve been walking this herding girl dog every morning as well I’ve been taking her back to Pt Isabel for some very early morning runs…but she still needs more run and dog pack time.

Even though Jen of Family Pet Care and I met a week before and I had the utmost confidence in her abilities, I was never-the-less a “nervous Nelly” about Lucy going off to be a pack of four…she had met one of the pack a week before. So….why was I nervous? Lucy is both a sweet-natured gentle dog as well as opinionated and strong-willed. She often doesn’t like a dog getting in her space and yet she can play really hard with other dogs. She often “herds” me and she is not shy about sharing her dog opinions. At the end of the day she is the kind of dog you want guarding you, your home and sleeping at your feet.

Let me tell you….Jen was great with Lucy! She and the pack of four were gone from my home for two hours. I was like a nervous mom with the first-born going to school or camp for the first time. I loved the quiet space and got so much done….and yet kept wondering how they were doing.

The report from Jen about Lucy is that she did fine in the pack and on a scale of 1 to 10, she came in at 7…..meaning that her dog behavior was good and she has room for improvement!

Thank you to Kimberly for recommending Jen! If any of you are in need of “dog whisper” kind of help, contact me and I will put you in touch with Family PetCare.

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The Day Begins!

Time to join the blogging world again…

The day begins with Ollie cat leading the way for Lucy and me to walk our morning walk….note Stan can’t be bothered and you can find him resting and waiting for us at home.

Hope your Christmas was joyous and the best for the New Year!

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Random photos and thoughts

So….Ollie is walking all over my desk…what’s the deal? He’s had dinner…where is his brother Stan? Lucy is trying to supervise but the cat is outwitting the dog. There’s a chill in the air and we’re all in tonight. I’m dreaming of knitting, cooking, blogging, reading, and of course chores…what will really get done? Chili is on the stove…one of my comfort foods. The blogging is in process. I’ll knit and I am also eager to dive into some “new” family history information that I received yesterday. Who knew that I had a great (5 x’s) grandfather in the American Revolution. It was in the Miles FamilyHistory  book but I never quite read that far back. My paternal grandmother Alta was a Miles.

Earlier this week I was able to capture the early morning activity around here…..the cats and dog waking to the world!

Last night was amazing in that the sunset was stunning and so many of us were out walking our dogs and children and muttering “Who can believe it’s November?” I had a moment of joy about living in California….remembering why….the beauty of the autumn sunsets. (Be sure to scroll down to see the sunset photos.)

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Trying to squeeze a little computer time in here tonight….Lucy is sleeping…and boy I can get a lot done when that pup is down. I need to go into the other room but if I do my computer time is up! She had a great run at Pt Isabel this morning…it was gray and brisk…and she and ran…while I walked along. I was here for part of the morning – a vacation day – and then Bill, his son Rich and I were off to a family memorial service in Rocklin, CA…couple hours from here. Lucy was eager to see me return at 6pm…Stan has been around tonight…and oh where is that rascal Ollie?

Some new photos will be posted soon….yesterday Lucy was 18 months old…the kittens/now cats are 23 mos old…tjhey’ve been with me since they were 2 1/2 mos old….I can hardly believe it! Some days seem to labor on…and then I reflect on where has the time gone.

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The gang – Stan, Ollie, and Lucy

I am squeezing in a quick post….Lucy, the love, would really like it if we went for a run tonight….but after a 3-day weekend of giving her enough exercise…and my dancing night at a good friend’s anniversary party on Saturday….I am reticient to do a lot of foot movement. My “damn” callous on my foot with the broken toe cracked. Okay, I just have to say “what the hell”. Now that is off my chest!

Stan, Ollie, and Lucy are the best….and photos of their latest escapades are to appear soon. Tonight I let Lucy into the backyard only to be greeted by the smell of a skunk. We moved quickly!

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They are all home….Lucy, Stan and Ollie. Well, Lucy is always home with me but sometimes those boy cats are not sure when they should come home. They do come home every day, but my goodness they can keep irregular night hours. But tonight is perfect…they are all here. Lucy is very busy with frozen bone with beef marrow….until a few minutes ago Ollie was sleeping at my feet…and independent Stan is sleeping elsewhere.

The really big news is that Lucy gets to go to Pt Isabel tomorrow. I am thinking that she and her dog friend Sophie will be over the top with dog glee. Camera will be on hand. I must confess that I am too looking forward to their “dog date”.  I love their dog enthusiam, enjoy the walks with dog friend Karen and am very happy to get Lucy back to her dog world.

The next adventure is for Lucy to become friends with our young neighbor who lives next door. She is 6 yrs old, charming, and eager to be friends with Lucy.  While Lucy is just a loving warm dog, she is showing a little dog grumpy, i.e. barking at anything and all things, since she has been “cabin-bound”. Soon…my young neighbor and I will be walking Lucy together sometimes…they will become great friends…and all will be quieter!

Must end day in  saying….I look at that girl dog and often wonder if I was in my right mind to add more one “thing” to my list….and then I look at her again and I realize it was and is so right!

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The Animal Farm – August

Can it really be….almost the whole month of August unposted for the animal farm? Well….I was just getting ready to schedule Lucy to be “fixed” and I missed it. She has been in heat now for two weeks…and poor pup…she has been acting under the weather. I remember way back when I was more than a little miserable during that human time of same event. Tonight she is cranky…not enough exercise…we did get to Memorial Park this morning….we were able to “sneak” in between people and dogs around 6:30 am. She is missing her dog friend Sophie. It will be some reunion when they meet up again next weekend. The cats, Stan and Ollie, have been tolerating her crankiness…in fact, they are quite gentle with her.

So….guess what we are doing next month? I will schedule Lucy for appointment mid-September. Okay…time to cozy up with Lucy….I like to call it “settle” time.

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I love to tell tales about the “animal farm”…so where have I been? Summer, garden, a family reunion trip, and marathon knitting. All the while the camera has been snapping photos…and dog park friend Karen and I have lots of laughs around our Pt. Isabel safaris.

Karen often talks about our trailblazing through the dry grass of the park…we find our way from one path to another. Lucy and Sophie continue to be the best of friends. Some random photos from this last month….and more tales of the gang to follow!

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Change ahead!

Okay! Okay! There’s a message here…3 pairs of glasses later….I must put my glasses higher. During the night Lucy steals the glasses and they become history. I forget that she is getting taller (the drawer that I set them on is 3-ft high ) and that my glasses seem to be a special treat for her. Or do the cats help her???

But I do think there’s a message here… I’m sure sure my friend Diane would agree.  It’s crazy to assume that when you do the same things over and over that you will get different results! So true in many areas of life! So….I will remember this when there are some things that I would like to turn out differently! Change here I come!

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The “Farm”

It seems special tonight. I was greeted by Stan as I soon as I got out of the car. He sauntered his way around me and then entered into the house to be greeted by the ever energetic Lucy dog. Then I played with Lucy for a bit with the game – tossing the tennis balls – and continued until I needed a break because I really wanted to work on the computer. Thank God I stopped by the butcher’s and got frozen bones with marrow. Lucy is in “appetizer” heaven and I am in a state of calm. It became even calmer as I looked down at the backdoor window to see Ollie waiting patiently to come home.

Who knows? It could get even better!

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