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Knitting, working, hanging out with Bill, walking Lucy, reading, gardening, home stuff…..but not blogging! So…I’m catching up here! Just finished posting about family history – a trip back in time to the remains of an old town and my grandpa’s homestead.

At the end of a day Lucy pup is not excited to have me at the keyboard….she is happiest when I end the day sitting next to her….I read or knit and she licks! I do see some of her puppy ways leaving her…although yesterday morning she very cleverly came into the bathroom as I was preparing myself for work…and she snuck out with one my shoe thong/sandals. Luckily I figured it out before this one thong became history. She was a little surprised when she got a thump on her butt!

The other evening I was startled by what seemed to be an odd movement…it was the flicker of a cat’s head…that’s not so unusual…it’s where it came from.. Check out Ollie.

There will be dog park photos tomorrow….some recent ones and some new ones that I know will happen in the morning!

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