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Change ahead!

Okay! Okay! There’s a message here…3 pairs of glasses later….I must put my glasses higher. During the night Lucy steals the glasses and they become history. I forget that she is getting taller (the drawer that I set them on is 3-ft high ) and that my glasses seem to be a special treat for her. Or do the cats help her???

But I do think there’s a message here… I’m sure sure my friend Diane would agree.  It’s crazy to assume that when you do the same things over and over that you will get different results! So true in many areas of life! So….I will remember this when there are some things that I would like to turn out differently! Change here I come!

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Another Lucy girl moment!

My glasses!

Can you imagine what these use to be?

One morning recently as I was getting ready for work I began looking for my glasses. Oh….where were they? Certainly not in the familiar spots…my night stand…the bathroom….the computer….maybe even the kitchen. No! Finally I think I better check under the blankets on the futon/bed and sure enough there were the remains!

Of course I am stunned….these are my progressive photo gray glasses…not my dime-store magnifers. My girl dog has great expensive tastes! Be reminded that his happened in the middle of the night and I was certainly not awake to this event so there was no training hours later that would help alert her that she made a grave mistake!

However, tonight as I am working on the computer she stole one of my shoes resting underneath my computer chair….and I was able to lecture about taking my stuff……she had the appropriate dropped eyes and mouth.

Got to love this girl dog!  And that I do!

More tomorrow re: the wonderful boy cats.

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