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The Stare-Down

We’re back! Tonight it seems to be quiet and I am thinking how good Lucy the dog is being…she is sitting beside my chair as I “blog” away….then I realize  she has a stare-down going with Stan the cat. They are all too funny…bring many smiles!

So….what’s been going on? It’s been two months I see since I’ve posted about this wonderful “animal farm”.  I’ve gotten caught up in some exciting  family history projects…and the pet gang is surviving in spite of me!

Christmas found many of the family at niece Honara’s home. My dog Lucy got to come and spent the night. Honara’s husband Scott is great with dogs and we, Lucy and me, got some “dog whisper” training. My girl now stays and settles much better. I was on holiday and vacation during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. While I had a great time catching up with many of my personal interests, i.e. the latest family blog “Michelle and Carolyn Chronicles”, guess who had an even better great time? Lucy was in dog heaven. We went to the dog park every morning – even when it was only 39 degrees. She was an exercised and rested dog….and I could work away on the family history.

For Christmas I gave family history related gifts to my young nieces and nephews….the women in our family tree to Chloe and Shelby, my dad’s woolen coat from his Navy days (coat in great shape) to Dan, a photo collage about the family Cameo to Betsy, and to young Sam – the family history of our Amercian Revolutionary ancestory Colonel Samuel Miles. These were fun gifts that took a little time….and they were inspired both by a presentation that I gave to a SAR’s group about Colonel Samuel Miles and by a suggestion from my niece that her children would like to receive personal gifts from me.

Back to the animal farm…I know that all, including myself, have a little cabin fever. It’s been rainy and cold and not much fun to be outside. Back to work this week and the sun is  out…but it’s still cold. Lucy and I will hook up with her dog friend Sophie this weekend.

Happy New Year to all!

Stan and Ollie….Lucy….and Carolyn

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