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Boy…it’s been weeks of cabin fever…rain and more rain! Today is the second day of no rain and my “animal farm” is very happy. Lucy, who hasn’t had nearly enough exercise in the last couple weeks, is laying on the deck by the open back door. She is quiet, content…and doing her job of contently guarding the house. The cats, Stan and Ollie who are now almost 2 1/2 years old, are checking out the neighborhood….they’ll be home soon! Lucy just turned 2…didn’t I just bring her home the other day? She is such a good dog….and the cats are great…and of course, there is no bias on my part. Each day starts with them making me laugh….I wake with “oh no, it’s time to get up….then I see these guys beginning to scamper around and I just plain laugh! Spring photos coming soon!

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