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Here’s the Facebook conversation regarding Lucy dog tonight.

Carolyn Pugh okay…this could be one of the best stupid things…came home from a meeting…wanted to look at old minutes to solve a question…thinking I wonder where the flash drive is from the meeting…I am just getting around to look seriously and I hear a familiar sound…that would be Lucy dog chewing. I need a computer geek now!

Wanda Stewart Whoops!

Carolyn Pugh I tried to be a computer geek with no luck! The funniest thing is Lucy dog has removed herself to the other room…might be have my tone! lol
about an hour ago.
Billie C Mercer Robles Yeah–they can sense when something is wrong. Wanda Stewart Did it hang it”s head in shame.
Victoria Eisenberg Oh gosh! That really sucks. Wait for a little bit to make sure it dries just in case there is slobber all over it and depending on how bad she chewed on it, you may be able to use it. But be sure its dry. You can always take it into a computer place as well to have them help retrieve the data.
Carolyn Pugh She has just returned to her old familiar spot in the room with me…rather quietly I might add….and yes her head is a little lower than usual. It is fascinating to watch animals and how they react to things.
Victoria Eisenberg  They know when mama not happy…
Carolyn Pugh – Victoria…that is a great idea…in fact I will put it in rice tonight to draw out moisture. I’ve used my jewelry tools and reshaped a bit…and off to a computer place tomorrow. Of course, it has more than minutes from the meeting…there are some family photos!
Wanda Stewart My dog ate my husband.
Carolyn Pugh That is very funny!
Wanda Stewart Hearing aid a few years ago.
Carolyn Pugh oh Wanda…you do make me laugh!
Anne MortimerI would stop her pocket money so no extra bones this week, tell her she is grounded so no walks for two weeks, threaten to send her on an IT Techician course so she can fix it herself and threaten to send her next door to the neighbours, that will soon make her bark less than her bite………. Lucy Lucy Bad Bad Dog…….. :0)

Carolyn Pugh OMG…that is funny! xo

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While Lucy is snoring at my feet….my fingers are busy catching up on all I want to write and share. I broke out laughing (not an uncommon act around here) at Lucy. I look down at my feet to see what she is up to…..and see that she is about to run off with one of the books on tape that friend Sally has loaned me…Lucy cannot read as I remind her..  Book is intact…and bag of books has been moved to higher grounds.  I have so much fun listening ahead…and Lucy may be able to share in some of it!

And now….where are the boy cats? Stan and Ollie must come home soon.

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May, June, July, Aug, Sep….where have we been?! Apparently, we’ve been doing our summer gardening and maintenance. So, we’re back once again.

Lucy (the dog) and Ollie’s (the cat) latest remind me that I want to share their antics. A couple of nights ago I was feeling particularly tired and yet fell into only a light slumber. During that light slumber I awoke to Ollie “talking”….he needed attention. The scene that developed still makes me smile.

Ollie was purring insistently as he “marched” over my chest.  Lucy was sitting up to my left side. The humor now begins. Ollie began rolling his head all over Lucy’s. Lucy was looking to ceiling…yawning, enduring and stretching…all the while the cat is rolling his body over the dog. Then Ollie began to walk back and forth under Lucy’s body. I wish I’d  had the energy to grab my cell phone and snap a photo or two! But pet lovers…just envision. It was too funny!

Where was Stan the cat (Ollie’s brother) during all this? Apparently that gad-about didn’t come home! He’s home tonight…now where is Ollie?

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My usual lament….where doe the time go? My cousin Diane reminded me that it had been awhile since she’d seen anything about the animal farm. Well….my digital camera has been on the blink so am relying on my camera phone which is not nearly efficient. Now that I’ve whined…let’s move on to some recent photos and escapades.

This very weekend – Memorial weekend is the weekend that Lucy came home to live here…and that was two years ago. While she is still full of much energy she has begun to mellow and makes me laugh most of the time. One the special times is at the end of the day when the dog and the cats are getting settled. I think Ollie has a special love for Lucy….that independent cat can often be found rubbing his head all over Lucy dog’s head. I am not fast enough with the camera phone to catch it….but soon I will.

Lucy and her dog pal Sophie met up again at Pt Isabel yesterday.  Schedules and weather had kept them apart for a bit. Before the two hooked up yesterday, Lucy had her first “stare-down” a gopher hole. The good news is that she did not get the gopher. Oh, I remember the day that my first dog Misty got a gopher…thought I just might throw up!

Now many photos of the last couple of weekends…..

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Oh, the attitude around here tonight! It’s misting..the cats are scratching at the back door to go out and Lucy is overseeing it all. What’s really funny is that about an hour ago Ollie was at the back door scratching to come in…I open the back door and Ollie comes in with such attitude. He swaggers, marches, and meows all at the same time. I just break out laughing. In just a moment they will all be in…now they are….Lucy started barking within minutes of being let out into the back yard. She’s done!

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You would think that spring is here! Second night that Ollie is slow in coming home…it’s also the 2nd or 3rd day without rain. Tonight Lucy pup …oh she is really not a pup anymore…and I took a walk and Ollie came with us. I love to see him skip ahead of us..circle back…he even took a quick lay down. That boy cat is so ever entertaining..it appears that he didn’t come inside when Lucy and I got back from the walk. This means an early morning meow call! All the while Stan the cat lays low…he’s napping now.

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I am working away on some “stuff” for my online Skein Lane store which is scheduled to launch tomorrow…..and I hear the adding machine. It can’t be me…both hands are busy at the keyboard. I look down and there is my able assistant Ollie. If only he could really take over the task of  “cooking” the books!

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This news flash comes in from Joy…cousin Paul’s wife. For all us of dog lovers…
“Sharing a dog story here with my friend..wish I had taken a picture of the mess but didn’t.. Jazzy was licking dishes in the bottom tray of the dishwasher and I don’t like that because she moves them around as she licks..I’m saying OK Jazzy… enough enough..back up..and I trying to shut the door..she jerks up but her chain on her neck gets caught on the tray and it scared her big time..she was thrashing and jerking and backing up all that did was throw the tray out still attached to her neck..she was thrashing wildly ..me yelling and she almost made it out the sliding glass door but the tray hit it and came loose from her neck..broken dishes scattered everywhere..Jazzy ran into the laundry room and hid for about 20 minutes..We will have to see if she remembers that when we load up the washer today.”
young Jazzy – 2009!

Joy then sent this photo of Jazzy taken last year. Bless Jazzy!

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After the rain

Lucy and her pals, Angus and Colby, had way too much fun at Pt Isabel this past Saturday. They rain through the water, they did figure 8’s, and Angus the Corgie, even jumped right into the middle of a giant puddle and he was half-way emerge. It was a joy to see their dog energy at it’s best! 

Here’s one photo…be sure to click through and see the slide show.

Colby and Angus

Colby and Angus

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