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It was a lovely and lively walk today…..Ollie cat stayed with us for the 30 minute walk….Stan cat stayed home to “guard” the house. The gang is all resting now!

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It wasn’t an earthquake!

…..it was Ollie, the kitten now cat, hitting the child’s gate that I use for a barrier between rooms (this barrier is simply propped and not secured to a wall)….and  OMG it was the middle of the night and I awoke with a start. I no sooner sort that out when the curtains come crashing down…that tension road just couldn’t support the romping of one of the cats…which one I don’t know. It truly felt like a nightmare…but it wasn’t….it was real!

The next morning continued to be a comedy. The cats, Stan and Ollie, are doing a stand-off with each other meaning they were actually having a “meow-out”…a rarity as they are so calm and good buddies. It turns out that the other thing Ollie got involved in was a new bag of yarn that I brought home just the day before. The great news is that the yarn was untouched…but  one of the handles from the bag was missing…I noticed that first thing since the bag of yarn had been deposited at the foot of my bed. It was a few minutes later that I realized why the cats were grumbling. Ollie had the handle of the paper bag around his body. I couldn’t think fast enough to grab the camera…so this is one of those visualize moments.

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Who could believe that it would be snowing in the Greater Bay of San Francisco yesterday…well, it was! This morning at 7:00 am it was truly freezing…33 degrees when I entered the car (yes, I know that freezing is 32 degrees…but given the look of my car I knew that 32 had hit)….no wonder the whole car looked like Jack Frost. I tried to leave home…but found that I needed to “water” the car…well, that was not so successful at the beginning. The water in the garden hose was frozen…I thought I’d leave the driveway anyway…and that the ice would magically disappear while backing out of the driveway. How quickly one forgets when not living in the snow! I parked the car on the street…ran back up the driveway with the idea that I would get water from the house to pour over the car windows. Then I heard the water coming from the water hose…the same one that had previously been frozen. When I threw that frozen hose aside minutes before I thought I had turned off the water flow. Wrong! When I picked up that now functioning hose, I wasn’t prepared for the blast of water. I am surprised that I my body didn’t suddenly appear with frost with the amount of water which sprayed not only over my car but me!  It’s now 7:20 and I’m thinking it would be best if I didn’t leave home…but rational thinking came back quickly…I called the office to let them know I had survived the “great freeze” and that I was on my way.

One might ask, “What does this have to do with the Animal Farm Blog?” The answer – the animal farm was not let out of the house today or yesterday…except Lucy for business purposes… the boy kittens, Stan and Ollie,  have now been indoors for two days. I did not want to risk them being outside in freezing weather.

Photos (not related to the freeze) to follow!

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It was great to get away to spend time with my niece and her family. We RV’d at Woodsmith RV camp in Felton, just a few miles from Santa Cruz.

As all we pet owners know it’s a joy having them and often a challenge to be sure they are taken care of when we are away. In this case I am more grateful to my neighbor, Hildagarde, for taking care of  Stan and Ollie; and to Metro Dog for taking care of Lucy.

The boy cats, Stan and Ollie,  stayed inside and were well tended…. I had to laugh when I came in after being gone for two days…all was well but they had rearranged a couple of things. Who knew they were so strong as to pull a blanket off the futon?!

I then let them out to the outdoors and had much pleasure watching them explore the yard that they had missed for a couple of days.

When I came back into El Cerrito yesterday morning, I picked up Lucy from her dog “hotel” Metro Dog. I love this place. Lucy is always well cared for…and I get a full report of how she behaved. I picked her up around 9:45 am…came home….a few minutes later we were home and I was on the phone with Lucy at my feet on the deck. She was basking in the sun and falling asleep at the same time. I broke out laughing as I saw her head nodding off…and of course, that woke her up. It has been a blessed weekend as Lucy is “recovering” from her great hotel stay. She is resting from so much dog activity…and I have been able to easily get lots done.Thank you Metro Dog!

And here are some recent photos of Lucy at Metro Dog and at Pt Isabel. You will see also a photo or two of the elusive cats.  Soon I will post about a beautiful dog that I saw at Pt Isabel last weekend…she was a Shiloh German Shepard. I am expecting to receive photos any day…I forgot my camera that morning.

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The gang!

Another lively few days with the gang – Stan, Ollie, and Lucy! The boy kittens are quite calm…whereas I think Lucy must be entering her “terrible two’s”…for the most part a joy of a pup…but at this very moment she is a picklehead. Let’s see…where do I begin. She awoke throwing up this morning…that settled down….and much laundry later….a great run at Pt Isabel….more figure 8’s….home to a shower and flea treatment (just maintenance and that would be for Lucy not me!)….a nap…..and she has been “defurred” with that great comb. Now shouldn’t she be ready for another nap….she is quite wired this morning. Probably has nothing to do with my tempo!

Oh….it’s calm now. Lucy is guarding the deck and may be even drifting off to sleep. Yeah!

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