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“Only in Berkeley”

Back to this blog after long absence……

About 2/3 into today’s morning 1-hr walk with Lucy dog, I heard a dog commotion ahead across Key Route. A couple minutes later a woman biker decides to stop abruptly in front of car across the street from where I was walking. She began to tell me about the commotion….dog off leash and owner on cell phone not “reading” her dog. She then points to cell phone (without earbuds) in my hand. Why did I even respond with “I am listening to a book while walking”? She says, “But you aren’t reading your dog then.” I respond, “Of course I am.”

I spent the rest of the walk grumbling to myself (and Lucy who was on leash) that I don’t always have to be nice. Grrrrr!

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Thanks to Jan for suggesting we take a walk at Pt Isabel yesterday afternoon…..as it turned out Jan decided not to go…..but what a great time was had by Lucy. She was leash free and romping through the wet field….including the puddles. She had a great exercise day….a 30-min walk in the morning and 30 minutes at the dog park. It was a restful night for all!

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It was a lovely and lively walk today…..Ollie cat stayed with us for the 30 minute walk….Stan cat stayed home to “guard” the house. The gang is all resting now!

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Last Saturday my friend Susanne said, “What’s up with Lucy’s nipples? She looks like she’s having pups!”

Holy Toledo is my first reaction…not possible unless it is a virgin birth. Then I begin to worry…has she been out of my watch? So….I schedule a visit to the vet which was long over due anyway. Lucy had lots of things happen today…she had her nails trimmed (way overdue) and the tech said she wagged her tail the whole time.

Moving on to Lucy’s nipples…vet Beth also thought this was unusual…a quick ultra sound…the tech came back to say 8 and then started laughing when my mouth dropped! Here’s the deal! She is not pregnant…..but not only are her nipples enlarged but there is milk. Lucy’s body thinks she is having pups. I’ve noticed that she has singled out one of the cats for more “affection” …humping. Vet Beth explained it out all to me. Lucy wants to be a mom and Ollie is her “pup”.

One might ask…why is Lucy’s body even thinking about pups. Well..I have delayed the date for spaying for several reasons. Initially it was because  I am of the theory that a dog should go through their first heat. She did….. then I kept prolonging Lucy going under the “knife”. Then it became a matter of weight…she needed to loose a few pounds. We worked on it…she was making progress. Life threw us a loop…family illness…a death (my brother-in-law passed away)…we were all caught up…even though Lucy has a walker a couple times a week it wasn’t enough. Lucy not only didn’t loose weight…she gained.

So where are we here! Lucy must complete her “pseudo” pregnancy, loose weight….and go under the knife!

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Much better start!

It’s Easter and today is off to a much better start. Lucy dog slept through the night which means Stan and Ollie cats and I did as well. It’s been over a week since I’ve slept 7 hours straight….feel like a new leash on life. Lucy is also sedate this morning…is it the change in weather? It’s 7:15 a.m……she is resting and I updating websites. We haven’t even had our walk yet….think that will be mid-day before the family Easter celebration.

Oh! Not only is she sedate but sleeping. This morning is a miracle!

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I shouldn’t be laughing but…..

…..it’s funny!

The latest Lucy escapade caused a brief moment of irritation until I realized how funny it was. Two hours later I am still smiling.

I had just returned to the computer keyboard after a wonderful Saturday morning knitting workshop. I simply wanted to send a quick note or two. That didn’t fit with Lucy’s plan for the rest of the day. She didn’t bark at me  “get away from the keyboard”. She simply “huffed” her body around and got my attention with a slam (not a nudge) with her head under my hand. Of course, that made the almost empty coffee container/mug go flying upside down….shouldn’t be more than a simple clean-up…..but no…it dripped right into my old photo album of a trip that Mom and  I took to England more than 30 years ago. I quickly grabbed the album which has see-through covers on each page. One might ask why that album was at my feet….because I am deep into reorganizing photos. I saved the album. I also saved Lucy and me from the rest of the day by taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes. All is is much calmer now…..but I am soon to make a quick get away to the movies with Bill.

Note….it was a rough start day. Lucy and boy cats wanted to be up before 4 a.m. this morning. It’s been a day….and I’m still laughing!!

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When the down pour of rain eased from “buckets” to strong rain I thought the girl and I better brave it! I bundled up my with long rain coat under biking yellow rain poncho topped off with my Australian outback hat and hands covered in blue fleece mittens. What a sight to see! We walked for 30 mins or so….my jeans were soaked in many spots and so were my running shoes (like I run anymore but I do walk). My hat, poncho and mittens worked….the only parts of me that weren’t soaked through. But the joy now is that my jeans are in the dryer and Lucy is happy to be napping.

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Another Day Begins

Yeah! It’s 8 am and Lucy dog is napping! I doubled her workout this morning. Walk/run at the dog park….and the usual neighborhood walk. I think I can get a lot done today!!

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Where was the camera!

Lucy and I traveled to the El Cerrito recycling center late this afternoon for both recyling and a dog run. After my recyling duties, we stopped to run the hills above the recyling center…well Lucy ran and I labored up the hill (I must embark on an exercise program that is more than walking the dog). On the first rise I stop…a sixth sense tells me to  look up…I see a deer..fawn I think…the sight is beautiful….and I immediately look for Lucy. She also saw the deer…I do not want her to run after the deer. The good news is that I had a dog treat… she came running to me and not the deer!

More deer! I’m driving home from the recycling center with Lucy in the rear of the SUV and see another young deer. The sight was beautiful…even more beautiful because we are driving through the residential neighborhoods of the flatlands of El Cerrito.

I am writing this as my dog Lucy is in my lap…she is not meant to be a lapdog…she is a Kelpie/Lab mix. She is so bloody affectionate and loving. She thinks the world is hers…it probably is!

In the meantime…the cats – Stan and Ollie – continue to be a wonderous joy! As Lucy and I came home from recycling we are greeted by both boys…they escort us to the backdoor.

The joys of the “animal farm”!

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It wasn’t an earthquake!

…..it was Ollie, the kitten now cat, hitting the child’s gate that I use for a barrier between rooms (this barrier is simply propped and not secured to a wall)….and  OMG it was the middle of the night and I awoke with a start. I no sooner sort that out when the curtains come crashing down…that tension road just couldn’t support the romping of one of the cats…which one I don’t know. It truly felt like a nightmare…but it wasn’t….it was real!

The next morning continued to be a comedy. The cats, Stan and Ollie, are doing a stand-off with each other meaning they were actually having a “meow-out”…a rarity as they are so calm and good buddies. It turns out that the other thing Ollie got involved in was a new bag of yarn that I brought home just the day before. The great news is that the yarn was untouched…but  one of the handles from the bag was missing…I noticed that first thing since the bag of yarn had been deposited at the foot of my bed. It was a few minutes later that I realized why the cats were grumbling. Ollie had the handle of the paper bag around his body. I couldn’t think fast enough to grab the camera…so this is one of those visualize moments.

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