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Our Morning Walk

Lucy was ready to go this morning….there was a second or two where she marched around trying to herd me and I swear….she has a look just like my mom’s. My sister Betty and her children know that look…it’s the “once up and down” and then some. Lucy cracks me up when she is ready….she sees me change shoes and jacket and she becomes a herder.

Today it wasn’t the neighborhood squirrels and cats that “spooked” her….it was the Halloween decorations. She did a double take when she saw the RIP yard….and then the barking began.

Love the autumn morning crisp air.

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A night at home…

Time to share the love of this pet household….settling in for the evening…spent some time on the kitchen floor watching Lucy dog and the brother cats – Stan and Ollie – settle for the evening. Here is what it looked like tonight. (Stan has white on his paws…thus Ollie is the one with out white.)

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