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Last Saturday my friend Susanne said, “What’s up with Lucy’s nipples? She looks like she’s having pups!”

Holy Toledo is my first reaction…not possible unless it is a virgin birth. Then I begin to worry…has she been out of my watch? So….I schedule a visit to the vet which was long over due anyway. Lucy had lots of things happen today…she had her nails trimmed (way overdue) and the tech said she wagged her tail the whole time.

Moving on to Lucy’s nipples…vet Beth also thought this was unusual…a quick ultra sound…the tech came back to say 8 and then started laughing when my mouth dropped! Here’s the deal! She is not pregnant…..but not only are her nipples enlarged but there is milk. Lucy’s body thinks she is having pups. I’ve noticed that she has singled out one of the cats for more “affection” …humping. Vet Beth explained it out all to me. Lucy wants to be a mom and Ollie is her “pup”.

One might ask…why is Lucy’s body even thinking about pups. Well..I have delayed the date for spaying for several reasons. Initially it was because  I am of the theory that a dog should go through their first heat. She did….. then I kept prolonging Lucy going under the “knife”. Then it became a matter of weight…she needed to loose a few pounds. We worked on it…she was making progress. Life threw us a loop…family illness…a death (my brother-in-law passed away)…we were all caught up…even though Lucy has a walker a couple times a week it wasn’t enough. Lucy not only didn’t loose weight…she gained.

So where are we here! Lucy must complete her “pseudo” pregnancy, loose weight….and go under the knife!

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