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Here’s the Facebook conversation regarding Lucy dog tonight.

Carolyn Pugh okay…this could be one of the best stupid things…came home from a meeting…wanted to look at old minutes to solve a question…thinking I wonder where the flash drive is from the meeting…I am just getting around to look seriously and I hear a familiar sound…that would be Lucy dog chewing. I need a computer geek now!

Wanda Stewart Whoops!

Carolyn Pugh I tried to be a computer geek with no luck! The funniest thing is Lucy dog has removed herself to the other room…might be have my tone! lol
about an hour ago.
Billie C Mercer Robles Yeah–they can sense when something is wrong. Wanda Stewart Did it hang it”s head in shame.
Victoria Eisenberg Oh gosh! That really sucks. Wait for a little bit to make sure it dries just in case there is slobber all over it and depending on how bad she chewed on it, you may be able to use it. But be sure its dry. You can always take it into a computer place as well to have them help retrieve the data.
Carolyn Pugh She has just returned to her old familiar spot in the room with me…rather quietly I might add….and yes her head is a little lower than usual. It is fascinating to watch animals and how they react to things.
Victoria Eisenberg  They know when mama not happy…
Carolyn Pugh – Victoria…that is a great idea…in fact I will put it in rice tonight to draw out moisture. I’ve used my jewelry tools and reshaped a bit…and off to a computer place tomorrow. Of course, it has more than minutes from the meeting…there are some family photos!
Wanda Stewart My dog ate my husband.
Carolyn Pugh That is very funny!
Wanda Stewart Hearing aid a few years ago.
Carolyn Pugh oh Wanda…you do make me laugh!
Anne MortimerI would stop her pocket money so no extra bones this week, tell her she is grounded so no walks for two weeks, threaten to send her on an IT Techician course so she can fix it herself and threaten to send her next door to the neighbours, that will soon make her bark less than her bite………. Lucy Lucy Bad Bad Dog…….. :0)

Carolyn Pugh OMG…that is funny! xo

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