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While Lucy is snoring at my feet….my fingers are busy catching up on all I want to write and share. I broke out laughing (not an uncommon act around here) at Lucy. I look down at my feet to see what she is up to…..and see that she is about to run off with one of the books on tape that friend Sally has loaned me…Lucy cannot read as I remind her..  Book is intact…and bag of books has been moved to higher grounds.  I have so much fun listening ahead…and Lucy may be able to share in some of it!

And now….where are the boy cats? Stan and Ollie must come home soon.

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May, June, July, Aug, Sep….where have we been?! Apparently, we’ve been doing our summer gardening and maintenance. So, we’re back once again.

Lucy (the dog) and Ollie’s (the cat) latest remind me that I want to share their antics. A couple of nights ago I was feeling particularly tired and yet fell into only a light slumber. During that light slumber I awoke to Ollie “talking”….he needed attention. The scene that developed still makes me smile.

Ollie was purring insistently as he “marched” over my chest.  Lucy was sitting up to my left side. The humor now begins. Ollie began rolling his head all over Lucy’s. Lucy was looking to ceiling…yawning, enduring and stretching…all the while the cat is rolling his body over the dog. Then Ollie began to walk back and forth under Lucy’s body. I wish I’d  had the energy to grab my cell phone and snap a photo or two! But pet lovers…just envision. It was too funny!

Where was Stan the cat (Ollie’s brother) during all this? Apparently that gad-about didn’t come home! He’s home tonight…now where is Ollie?

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