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My usual lament….where doe the time go? My cousin Diane reminded me that it had been awhile since she’d seen anything about the animal farm. Well….my digital camera has been on the blink so am relying on my camera phone which is not nearly efficient. Now that I’ve whined…let’s move on to some recent photos and escapades.

This very weekend – Memorial weekend is the weekend that Lucy came home to live here…and that was two years ago. While she is still full of much energy she has begun to mellow and makes me laugh most of the time. One the special times is at the end of the day when the dog and the cats are getting settled. I think Ollie has a special love for Lucy….that independent cat can often be found rubbing his head all over Lucy dog’s head. I am not fast enough with the camera phone to catch it….but soon I will.

Lucy and her dog pal Sophie met up again at Pt Isabel yesterday.  Schedules and weather had kept them apart for a bit. Before the two hooked up yesterday, Lucy had her first “stare-down” a gopher hole. The good news is that she did not get the gopher. Oh, I remember the day that my first dog Misty got a gopher…thought I just might throw up!

Now many photos of the last couple of weekends…..

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