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A great idea for Lucy!

As many of you know it rained last weekend….and Lucy does not love the water. However, she had cabin fever and we went off to Pt Isabel on both weekend days. On Saturday she got to run with her dog friend Sophie while Karen and I walked along behind them laughing at their antics thinking they were and are the cutest dogs ever! Sunday found Lucy and me at the park without Sophie and Karen….they had better sense and stayed home out of the rain…but again Lucy had cabin fever and I wanted to write…so she needed to have exercise. I could tell that Lucy was  perplexed while we were at the dog park…. dog pal Sophie wasn’t there…but she managed to romp along.

In spite of never feeling like there is enough time…I am so glad that Lucy and the boy cats Stan and Ollie live here. They make me smile and my heart happy!

Photos from the dog park coming soon!

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I am working away on some “stuff” for my online Skein Lane store which is scheduled to launch tomorrow…..and I hear the adding machine. It can’t be me…both hands are busy at the keyboard. I look down and there is my able assistant Ollie. If only he could really take over the task of  “cooking” the books!

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Karen’s Epiphany!


“S…, it’s raining!” And I follow that announcment with, “Yep, it’s not the fog!” Did Lucy and Sopie care? Not one iota!

They had already been bursting with their running and dog hugging up for some 30 mins or so….and they could care less that some rain drops were coming. Sophie is truly a water dog…she manages to take a swim in the Bay water at least once while she is circulating throughout Pt Isabel. Lucy, on the other hand, does not like to run into the water so she will wait atop the ridges, wait for Sophie to return and then tumble upon her as soon as she can get close enough. Sometimes we – Karen, Lucy and I – are moving on to encourage Sophie to follow…and she does eventually.

Lucy actually had a break-through on retrieving this morning….Karen lobs the ball off into the great sky and the dogs retrieve. Lucy loves to get the ball and usually drops it on the way back because she spots Sophie waiting for her return. Today Lucy actually brought the ball back – twice – to Karen’s feet.

Some photos from the last few Pt Isabel visits.

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