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The Animal Farm – August

Can it really be….almost the whole month of August unposted for the animal farm? Well….I was just getting ready to schedule Lucy to be “fixed” and I missed it. She has been in heat now for two weeks…and poor pup…she has been acting under the weather. I remember way back when I was more than a little miserable during that human time of same event. Tonight she is cranky…not enough exercise…we did get to Memorial Park this morning….we were able to “sneak” in between people and dogs around 6:30 am. She is missing her dog friend Sophie. It will be some reunion when they meet up again next weekend. The cats, Stan and Ollie, have been tolerating her crankiness…in fact, they are quite gentle with her.

So….guess what we are doing next month? I will schedule Lucy for appointment mid-September. Okay…time to cozy up with Lucy….I like to call it “settle” time.

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This news flash comes in from Joy…cousin Paul’s wife. For all us of dog lovers…
“Sharing a dog story here with my friend..wish I had taken a picture of the mess but didn’t.. Jazzy was licking dishes in the bottom tray of the dishwasher and I don’t like that because she moves them around as she licks..I’m saying OK Jazzy… enough enough..back up..and I trying to shut the door..she jerks up but her chain on her neck gets caught on the tray and it scared her big time..she was thrashing and jerking and backing up all that did was throw the tray out still attached to her neck..she was thrashing wildly ..me yelling and she almost made it out the sliding glass door but the tray hit it and came loose from her neck..broken dishes scattered everywhere..Jazzy ran into the laundry room and hid for about 20 minutes..We will have to see if she remembers that when we load up the washer today.”
young Jazzy – 2009!

Joy then sent this photo of Jazzy taken last year. Bless Jazzy!

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Knitting, working, hanging out with Bill, walking Lucy, reading, gardening, home stuff…..but not blogging! So…I’m catching up here! Just finished posting about family history – a trip back in time to the remains of an old town and my grandpa’s homestead.

At the end of a day Lucy pup is not excited to have me at the keyboard….she is happiest when I end the day sitting next to her….I read or knit and she licks! I do see some of her puppy ways leaving her…although yesterday morning she very cleverly came into the bathroom as I was preparing myself for work…and she snuck out with one my shoe thong/sandals. Luckily I figured it out before this one thong became history. She was a little surprised when she got a thump on her butt!

The other evening I was startled by what seemed to be an odd movement…it was the flicker of a cat’s head…that’s not so unusual…it’s where it came from.. Check out Ollie.

There will be dog park photos tomorrow….some recent ones and some new ones that I know will happen in the morning!

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