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Where was the camera!

Lucy and I traveled to the El Cerrito recycling center late this afternoon for both recyling and a dog run. After my recyling duties, we stopped to run the hills above the recyling center…well Lucy ran and I labored up the hill (I must embark on an exercise program that is more than walking the dog). On the first rise I stop…a sixth sense tells me to  look up…I see a deer..fawn I think…the sight is beautiful….and I immediately look for Lucy. She also saw the deer…I do not want her to run after the deer. The good news is that I had a dog treat… she came running to me and not the deer!

More deer! I’m driving home from the recycling center with Lucy in the rear of the SUV and see another young deer. The sight was beautiful…even more beautiful because we are driving through the residential neighborhoods of the flatlands of El Cerrito.

I am writing this as my dog Lucy is in my lap…she is not meant to be a lapdog…she is a Kelpie/Lab mix. She is so bloody affectionate and loving. She thinks the world is hers…it probably is!

In the meantime…the cats – Stan and Ollie – continue to be a wonderous joy! As Lucy and I came home from recycling we are greeted by both boys…they escort us to the backdoor.

The joys of the “animal farm”!

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Change ahead!

Okay! Okay! There’s a message here…3 pairs of glasses later….I must put my glasses higher. During the night Lucy steals the glasses and they become history. I forget that she is getting taller (the drawer that I set them on is 3-ft high ) and that my glasses seem to be a special treat for her. Or do the cats help her???

But I do think there’s a message here… I’m sure sure my friend Diane would agree.  It’s crazy to assume that when you do the same things over and over that you will get different results! So true in many areas of life! So….I will remember this when there are some things that I would like to turn out differently! Change here I come!

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The “Farm”

It seems special tonight. I was greeted by Stan as I soon as I got out of the car. He sauntered his way around me and then entered into the house to be greeted by the ever energetic Lucy dog. Then I played with Lucy for a bit with the game – tossing the tennis balls – and continued until I needed a break because I really wanted to work on the computer. Thank God I stopped by the butcher’s and got frozen bones with marrow. Lucy is in “appetizer” heaven and I am in a state of calm. It became even calmer as I looked down at the backdoor window to see Ollie waiting patiently to come home.

Who knows? It could get even better!

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