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The “Big Heat” is over

My girl Lucy is a trouper (and I might say those of us who lived with her earn a little praise). The heat is over….we had a couple of small around-the-block walks this last week. Now the best is yet to come…we are off to Pt Isabel in the early am…rain or shine….and then it will be home for shower and nap time for Lucy. Her naturally good and even personality has continued from puppyhood  through her 10th month.

Tomorrow…photos of Lucy back at the dog park. It will be heaven for her and a blessing for me as she nods off for a nap during Saturday morning workshop. Stay tuned!

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It’s a little “dicey” around here!

It’s raining and Lucy is in her 5th day of heat! I’ve read that this lasts about three weeks. Thank goodness she is such a good girl….her usual sweet personality is intact even though she is slightly edgy. This pup usually has huge runs each day….but she is housebound for right now…no dog park = no puppies. She is experiencing her first and last heat!

Puppy Cheers! Is she now an adult dog?

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The first shot of the partners in crime is posted as the header. They had all been resting yesterday before this photo was taken….so they were somewhat in slow motion…as was I.

But today as I type and listen to The Tournament of Roses Parade, the rascal team partnered to “eat” my Celtic Welsh Love Spoon. This personal treasure  use to hang on my kitchen wall by the door to the front porch. It seems that one of the cats knocked it off the wall….I heard some crunching…and discovered Lucy eating away on this spoon which I had for some 30 years…a sentimental treasure collected on a trip to England and Wales with my mother those many years ago. The good news is that I had many years of enjoyment of that piece….and now will dream of another one.

Those rascals!

Ollie and Lucy

Ollie and Lucy - New Year's Eve

Lucy checking out the boys!

Lucy checking out the boys!

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