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So many photos – so little time!

Okay...here are two of the three. Ollie will hang with the group...but it's not easy to catch him on camera.

The animal farm is such a joy! I’ve been able to take many photos over the last few weeks…and the challenge is to share them all. I am getting very close to having a photo of all three….but for now it’s still that Lucy and Stan show.

Stay tuned for more photos…the dog park (Pt Isabel) and Metro Dog. Lucy has so much dog social interaction. She meets so many dogs…and thus I meet so many more people!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am more than grateful for Stan, Ollie, and Lucy…and of, course, my people family and friends.

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Some Lucy Photos

Okay….I thought we’d be more current….anyone know where the last two weeks went?

Some recent dog park photos. Lucy now weighs 50 lbs…..and yeah (do I dare say) completely housebroken!

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