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We’re back!

We’re back to blog…and back from Pt Isabel. Lucy desperately needed to run her dog body and I needed to walk even though gingerly. It turns out that pesky toe injury is a slight fracture….four weeks on the buddy system….little toe taped to the neighboring toe.

Lucy and I left home at 7am this morning…..still dark and foggy. As we walked…she ran…..I kept thinking of The Hounds of Baskerville…dogs, fog, eerie. Some dogs arrived with lights on their collars.

More to be shared later with photos…..Lucy thinks she should help me type right now….she has been slightly detoured as she pauses to stare one of the cats down.

Oh….Lucy has decided that everyone needs new gear….she has rearranged both cat collars…chewed her way through part of her leash….and my clogs have a new tooth design on the heel. Oh, Lucy!

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