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Who would believe!

Lucy has this endless energy. I did miss the Point Isabel dog park and Memorial Park for the first three days of this week…Lucy was played out from her stay at Metro Dog and I had this toe injury. Who knew toes were so darn important!

Last evening Lucy and I headed for Point Isabel…and OMG  she ran and ran…..through and over the water puddles…we were there for about 40 mins. Home we came…and she was calm for the evening.

We have been at Point Isabel tonight…she was delirious with the adventure….here is the “Who would believe!” We’ve been home for 40 mins and she is not done yet. I am still throwing the ball to her from the back deck. Oh…..she may be calming down…nap time could be coming. Love my girl…but need a little time for stuff.

And Stan is so relaxed…he greets us in the driveway just laying to the side and trusting that I won’t hit him. Those boy cats, Stan and Ollie,  are really the best…loving and calm. My heart really warmed the other evening as they were “hugging and kissing” each other. So glad that I brought the brother kittens home!

Okay…we are nearing 8 pm and I feel a calm coming on for Lucy!

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