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We’re back!

We’re back to blog…and back from Pt Isabel. Lucy desperately needed to run her dog body and I needed to walk even though gingerly. It turns out that pesky toe injury is a slight fracture….four weeks on the buddy system….little toe taped to the neighboring toe.

Lucy and I left home at 7am this morning…..still dark and foggy. As we walked…she ran…..I kept thinking of The Hounds of Baskerville…dogs, fog, eerie. Some dogs arrived with lights on their collars.

More to be shared later with photos…..Lucy thinks she should help me type right now….she has been slightly detoured as she pauses to stare one of the cats down.

Oh….Lucy has decided that everyone needs new gear….she has rearranged both cat collars…chewed her way through part of her leash….and my clogs have a new tooth design on the heel. Oh, Lucy!

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Who would believe!

Lucy has this endless energy. I did miss the Point Isabel dog park and Memorial Park for the first three days of this week…Lucy was played out from her stay at Metro Dog and I had this toe injury. Who knew toes were so darn important!

Last evening Lucy and I headed for Point Isabel…and OMG  she ran and ran…..through and over the water puddles…we were there for about 40 mins. Home we came…and she was calm for the evening.

We have been at Point Isabel tonight…she was delirious with the adventure….here is the “Who would believe!” We’ve been home for 40 mins and she is not done yet. I am still throwing the ball to her from the back deck. Oh…..she may be calming down…nap time could be coming. Love my girl…but need a little time for stuff.

And Stan is so relaxed…he greets us in the driveway just laying to the side and trusting that I won’t hit him. Those boy cats, Stan and Ollie,  are really the best…loving and calm. My heart really warmed the other evening as they were “hugging and kissing” each other. So glad that I brought the brother kittens home!

Okay…we are nearing 8 pm and I feel a calm coming on for Lucy!

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Lucy is prepared

I don’t have to worry about Lucy starving during an earthquake….the earth will open up and all of the hooves and treats that she has buried in the backyard will erupt! She will be in dog heaven!

She has been very busy tonight burying her treats while I have been slowed down because I sprained my toe…darn hard to walk…so I am blogging and Lucy is trying to figure out what her purpose is. Hope I wake early enough to get her to Memorial Park (the park just a few blocks away) where she can run and I won’t have to walk much.

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Knitting Retreat

I’ve been gone for three days at the annual knitting retreat that my business, Skein Lane Studio, organizes. Great time….and now home here at the “animal farm”. Lucy spent her time at the “dog hotel” Metro Dog. The cats stayed at home with some neighborly care. The household is unusually quiet as they sleep soundly and are in their comfort zone now that I am back home.

My neighbor reported that Ollie was being a rascal about in on Friday  night…I’d left in a hurry on Friday morning …ran out of time to get both cats into the house. With some zealous effort she convinced Ollie to come home.

The report on Lucy when I picked her up this evening was that “she was good but did have to have a ‘couple of time outs’ because she got overexcited with a couple of dogs. I love this place where I take Lucy – and I did have to crack up (to myself) that not only “time out” was mentioned but the two dogs that Lucky was over excited with were mentioned by name. Looks like a little more work on my part to work Lucy’s energy out. She is now more than sound asleep – she really gets a lot of stimulation at her dog hotel.

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One Year!

Stan and Ollie turned a year old yesterday, Oct 15. When I brought them home at the tender age of 6 wks from Berkeley SPCA I spent a lot of time bonding with them…they were born feral and I wanted to be sure they were connected to me and their home. Well 10 months later I can report success. The boy kittens/cats can now got outdoors…..they were 6 or 7 months when they had their first outdoor experience. They come home several times during the day….and they are always here at night. They awake with me in the morning. In fact, today I cracked up as I saw three of us stretching as we started the day – Lucy, Stan, and me!

It has been another one of those joys…watching them frolick…and seeing the connection when they greet me when I come home.

Yeah Stan and Ollie! Photos to follow soon…just as soon as I can get them to poise. They were pretty darn cute yesterday drinking rain water which had accumulated in a planter.

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Stan can add!

I heard the sound of the adding machine….and it wasn’t me on the 10-key…I look down and it’s Stan. Way too funny!

Another joy to the heart is when I drive into the driveway. I am often greeted by both Stan and Ollie doing their cat skip to greet me. This activity always makes me stop and pause…and remember the important things in life!

Thank God for the animal farm!

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Here comes Lucy!

A new chapter today…rain! Whoops! Lucy just came to me so happy…she had my felted hat still wet from the rain. There has been a break in the rain and we walked a block away up to the open ground area behind St Jerome’s Parish. I always worry about this wonderful run because it has two sides which are open to roads…thus cars. But I was able to be in charge…she got a run…and we are home now.

I am thinking I can get a lot of work done now!

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We’re all trying to figure out this new element in life – rain! The kittens (are they now cats – Stan and Ollie are a year old on Oct 15) have been hunkering down in my home office…and Lucy is trying to figure it all out. Came home at noon to let Lucy out…and she was not a happy camper about the rain…it took a leash…and even then I am not sure that she did her business. Tonight is better…but she just came in from the yard and I wonder who is the muddiest….me or Lucy. Well, it’s probably her…but, my jeans have a new design..it’s called “muddy paw prints”.

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Lucy got a message

Have you all met Taffy, Kimberly’s 10-month + puppy? Today I broke out laughing with the following email.

Taffy just jumped into my lap and typed this urgent message: “z b mmnjbgt nb/”

I assume Lucy will understand.


Lucy is frequently attempting to jump in my lap and as soon as I get through thinking how cute she is then we get into redirecting. Right now I’ve been successful…she’s quite busy in the other room…oh, maybe I should check it out. Yep, she’s engaged the hoof…her latest chew.

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Yeah…Lucy is sleeping and the boy kittens are out either napping or touring the neighborhood. Oh, Stan just sauntered into the room. Lucy has had a great exercise weekend…Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Pt Isabel. We started each day early and in the case of today we were there at sunrise. The moon was still full and going down. Of course, Lucy ran and ran and ran some more which makes for a happy restful household.

She has taken to wanting me not to be at the keyboard. She will bring a squeaky toy over, throw her front legs over my lap while she has her back paws on the floor…and the squeaking and squirming begin. Got to say this girl really loves the people connection. And now some recent photos of the “farm”.

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