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Ollie’s home!

Ollie came bounding in the back door just about 2 minutes ago when I let Lucy out for her last evening hurrah. So, we are all about ready to settle in for the evening…probably me more than them…but once I’m “crashed” we are all down for the evening.

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Knitting workshop ended at 9 pm…Lucy needed more attention…and I needed a late dinner. While we, Lucy and I, had walked earlier….it wasn’t enough for this 6-month puppy. She is such a lovely puppy…and she needs a lot of time…exercise, attention, loving, etc….tonight I gave into to giving her a pork “rawhide” chew. I held off for a long time because my “love of a dog” Breezy had trouble with rawhide. Well….Lucy has been very busy with this chew tonight…and I feel like I’ve gotten lots done and some down time. All while the Stan is resting and Ollie should be home soon.

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Some random photos

Catching up on photo editing tonight….here’s a couple of the animal farm. The boy kittens are having too much fun preening….and Lucy is taking a time out. These three – Stan, Ollie, and Lucy are the best.

Lucy had a huge workout at Pt Isabel this morning….in fact, she ran had for two mornings in a row. She had great nap time this afternoon….and yeah…I got some work

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Is Lucy wearing new bling?

My friend Susanne is like a god mother to puppy Lucy. Susanne came with me to pick up Lucy from her farm home last Memorial weekend…and Susanne kept Lucy calm on the journey to her new home. Almost every weekend before  knitting workshop begins Susanne and I walk with Diane….and before we walk Susanne has a little time with Lucy.

Now remember when I accused Lucy of being the glasses thief? I think Lucy has earned a new spot…we think of her often when something goes missing. Here’s what Susanne had to say earlier today.

“I’ve been involved in a mystery this week,  I can’t find my watch and 3 paper bead bracelets I bought from Kimberly.  I have retraced my steps and looked way too may times in the same place and have come up empty handed.  I know for sure I was wearing the misplaced items at knitting on Saturday, I don’t remember taking them off at your house or unfortunately any place else…so to get to the punch line, my last hope before I really give up, did you come upon a watch and 3 bracelets on the knitting table? Is Lucy wearing any new bling lately?” …..the bracelets were found on the knitting table and I’m now looking for the watch!

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And darn again! I so wanted to post pictures tonight…and now realize that it is midnight…way past my witching hour….so stay tuned…more photos coming!

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Okay…it’s time to get some photos up of these guys…the first one is a a movie (thought it was a photo) of Lucy and me…don’t think I can pick her up like that much longer.  Well…maybe I don’t know to upload that yet. Stay tuned!

Let me just say that while I am posting this evening two of the three are very, very busy. Lucy has created new designs in cardboard boxes and Ollie has given great consideration to rearranging wrapping papers.

And now the photos (which cover a 2-week span)!

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Temple Grandin

The noted animal behaviorist, Temple Grandin, was at our local Barnes and Noble (El Cerrito, CA) last Wednesday, and I am so happy that I was there.

Temple Grandin is noted for her work in animal treatment and in autism.  She herself has Aspberger’s Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. My interest in her works is twofold:  my oldest grandniece has Aspberger’s Syndrome and I have my “animal farm” Stan, Ollie and Lucy.

Several years ago when my niece was diagonosed with Aspberger’s I wanted to learn all I could….and shortly thereafter I found myself at an educator’s conference for Aspberger’s where Temple Grandin was the key speaker. I learned so much that day….and I still repeat this sentence from Temple that day,  “We with Aspberger’s just don’t get the visual cues. You guys have all this eye connection stuff going on. We just don’t get it. We are literal!” It wasn’t long after that I saw my niece…and it had only been a month since I’d seen her. I said, “Chlo…you’ve grown a foot since I last saw you.” Where upon she looked down at her feet…looked up with a smile and said, “Whoops! Wrong foot!”  I was so pleased that she recognized the difference. She is now 17 and we are all proud of what she has accomplished.

Temple has written several books and one of her most recent is “Animals Make us Human“. For us animal lovers the book is a gem. It points out the joys of animals  and how having them can not only enrich our lives but make us better people. Temple also writes about our responsibilities as pet owners. I kind of hate the expression pet owners. I like to think of my pets as my animal companions. And they do indeed enrich my life.

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Have two weeks really gone by?! Have some photos to post of the gang…but will wait for a few days as  my internet connection is down. I am using Bill’s computer which is great but does not have my stuff on it. Drats!

Last weekend I found myself without my camera when I was at Pt Isabel…and the morning sky was stunning. The sun was just beginning to peak out from the fog as the moon was fading away. Lucy ran and ran more of her figure 8 circles.

Today when we got back from Pt Isabel, we were greeted by Stan, the now 11-month old kitten on the neighbor’s roof. He thought about what to do for a few minutes and then proceeded to the part of the roof which was closest to a window sill. He then made his way down.

It’s been a grooming weekend – Stan takes well to the rubber brush…has lots of hair to remove and looks pretty handsome now. Lucy (with my help) hit the shower this morning and is looking shining. She has been a  bit of a rascal today. She’s been having a “witching hour” early today…so she had some settle time and is much calmer. And now it’s Ollie’s turn for some grooming.

Photos coming soon!

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