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Lots of tales!

Tidbits of the last couple of days! At the moment the animal farm is laying low. It has been way too hot for many of us Bay Area folks…me being one of them….my range is about 65 – 70! The temp right now at  5:50 pm is  90 degrees. Yikes! I am still recovering from yesterday. No wonder I have stayed inside most of the day. Lucy is trying to cool off on the deck by the back door….the boy kittens are sleeping if off someplace else.

This week has been the clearance test for all of them…no more shots for a year. They have all completed their vaccinations. Yeah! And yeah to my pocketbook!

A couple of nights ago I started to walk Lucy around the block around 9:30 pm…there were too many dogs at the local dog park at that time of night….well, imagine my surprise when I had a parade. Stan and Ollie were walking right behind us. I, of course, worried about them being out late at night and walking in the dark…so we all turned around and came home. Lots of ball throwing for Lucy ensued.

This morning Lucy and I started the Saturday morning walk with my knitting friends, Diane and Susanne…I quickly chose to stay behind because once again I had a parade.

Gots to say…I love this animal farm…even if I do feel stretched a little thin sometimes.  One of my family in Australia just commented that my “animal farm” has created a newness for me. And I love her to death for saying that. I am often challenged for time….but the smiles they bring are more than worth it. Oh, and or course, my oldest niece will say, “I told you so!”

Cheers to my animal farm! Oh…and check out Lucy in one of her sleeping moments.

My girl Lucy - finding her cave!

My girl Lucy - finding her cave!

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Lucy’s off the hook!

Duh…it was me! I just found the glasses….they were on the credenzda behind the rocking chair. I must have stashed them there on my way to the kitchen….a new hiding spot for me. If Lucy could talk…I bet I would hear a word or two. And best of all….I’m grateful to find my glasses…and now off to some midnight reading.

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Where are my glasses?

My glasses have been AWOL since Monday morning. So what does that have to do with the animal farm? Well…..I just think that Lucy “stole” my glasses and has buried them in the backyard. How could this happen? On Monday morning I awoke, put on my glasses and did my usual peering into the computer before hopping into the shower. Now I need my glasses to read and, of course, don’t need them to shower. When I got out of the shower I began gropping for the glasses in the usual places that I would leave them….by the computer, by yarn in the yarn display case, on the bathroom sink, or on the shelf in the bathroom. The key here could be the bathroom sink…..Lucy can stand up to the sink….and I just wonder if she didn’t do just that….and glasses AWOL I have scoured several places in search of these glasses including searching under my deck by racking. I found many things that Lucy has relocated but not my glasses. I will give it until Monday before I give in and order new glasses. In the meantime…I’m just a little tired of lifting my magnifers up and down as needed. Have never wanted contacts because of eye disease in my earlier years….but maybe I should reconsider!

Gotta love my pup!

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Then and now – Lucy!

Lucy and me - Memorial Weekend 2009

Lucy and me - Memorial Weekend 2009

Lucy and me  080809

Lucy and me August 8, 2009

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The gang!

Another lively few days with the gang – Stan, Ollie, and Lucy! The boy kittens are quite calm…whereas I think Lucy must be entering her “terrible two’s”…for the most part a joy of a pup…but at this very moment she is a picklehead. Let’s see…where do I begin. She awoke throwing up this morning…that settled down….and much laundry later….a great run at Pt Isabel….more figure 8’s….home to a shower and flea treatment (just maintenance and that would be for Lucy not me!)….a nap…..and she has been “defurred” with that great comb. Now shouldn’t she be ready for another nap….she is quite wired this morning. Probably has nothing to do with my tempo!

Oh….it’s calm now. Lucy is guarding the deck and may be even drifting off to sleep. Yeah!

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I awoke this morning thinking I was on a chicken farm…and then I realized it was Lucy with her rubber chicken squeaky toy. What a hoot!

It has been a great weekend with the animal farm….I just discovered, as I retrieved the camera for downloading some recent photos, that one of the boy kittens chewed through the arm wrist holder for the camera. Moral of story…do not leave anything out! Doesn’t matter how good these pets are…they are naturally animals and will chew to their hearts content!

Lucy has had more than a little stimulation over this weekend. It started with Lucy’s dog friend, Rufus. They played in the back yard while we, the knitters, knit. At one point I checked on the two dogs and I fell out laughing! Lucy was covered with dog slobbers which had turned into mud as the two dogs rolled and frolicked in the dirt during their excited dog play. This morning after the chicken awakening, Lucy and I were off to Pt Isabel. She ran, played, and ran. We were back here for a couple of hours when I decided to call my cousin, Diane. While Diane and I had yet another wonderful chat….Lucy let me know that I had been on the phone too long…there is another new dog dig in the back yard.

I’ve discovered the kong stuffed with a meat filler is the best diversion. Lucy has been diverted twice with that kong today…one of the times being right now as I am wanting to write.

Tonight Lucy had another romp…..this time at the park just a few blocks from here. It was 8:30 pm and several dogs were there….Lucy romped and romped. One of the dog folks there said, “Lucy is the star. Everyone wants to dance with her!”

The evening was capped off with being met by Stan and Ollie as I pulled into the driveway with Lucy.

Here’s Lucy with her her mud look!

And now, everybody is home…time to call it a night!

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My heart truly did lift when I walked into the kitchen with Lucy,  looked out the large kitchen window and saw Stan bouncing across the street with such abandon to our home. The boy kittens are so gentle and so curious about the bigger world. There is not much that they do wrong…although I think their yarn decorating style could be improved.

The boys! Stan is way too busy “kissing” Ollie.

Ollie and Stan - 9 mos

Ollie and Stan - 9 mos

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What a weekend!

OMG…where to begin…Stan, Ollie, and Lucy were too much fun! For starts, I talked with my niece, Honara, today and I was raving about how great Lucy is…she said, “I know, Auntie. She is the dog with angel wings that you didn’t want! I am trying not to say I told you so.” A reminder…Honara is the one who found Lucy for me.

But let’s back up to Saturday. Lucy and I started the day with a walk at Pt Isabel..we caught the sunrise as Lucy ran figure 8’s around me. I would bet that I walked a mile and she probably ran at least two miles.  Then it was time for knitting workshop back at my knitting studio..and the day moved along. After dinner I sat down to pet Lucy…and I just drifted off to sleep while listening to an audible book that I like, The Daily Coyote. I awoke at 3 am realizing that my kitten/cats were not home and I hadn’t finished listening to the book. Even better…I wondered what that chatter in my ear was!

Within the hour…I had Ollie home…but Stan was out until 7 am this morning. I am not wild about that thought…..there are racoons, skunks, and sometimes deer in my neighborhood.

Here’s Lucy at the dog park this weekend..photos of the boy kittens are coming next.

And here’s Lucy when she came home with me  at 2 1/2 months and here she is today at 5 months…think she weighs in at 33 lbs now. Say, could it be that in 2 1/2 months that my hair has gotten that much whiter?! Must be the sunlight, huh!

Lucy - May 2009

Lucy - May 2009

Lucy and me - August 8, 2009

Lucy - August 2009

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Stan and Ollie had a visit to the vet today to get their rabies shots…they are now indoor-outdoor cats…and it’s going well. They love to be out in the yard and beyond exploring… they always greet me when I return…and they always come home in the evening…although Ollie likes to stay out late. So…the growing part…both brother kittens weigh almost the same…Stan 10lbs 9 oz and Ollie 10lbs 8 oz. They have tripled in size since they came home with me in January…they are now 9 months olds. Can it be?

Tonight I have kept them confined to the kitchen so I can observe any reactions to their vaccine…there seems to be very little. I checked on them awhile ago and they were so cute…laying close to each other…checking with each other to see what they were doing.

They are really great kittens.

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We’re home!

It was a great trip to South Lake Tahoe and then it was time to come home…as Bill and I approached El Cerrito I found myself so eager to see Lucy and then the kittens. We picked up Lucy from her dog hotel, Metro Dog, and I was more than elated that she was glad to see me. I heard that she had very active days while I was gone. The boy kittens, Stan and Ollie, greeted me with a room decorated in yarn. I understand that no yarn had moved until Sunday.

Tonight I must say my girl pup, Lucy, is very busy  trying to be an accountant….she is making mincemeat out of a roll of adding machine tape….and I am quite happy…she is very busy…and thus so am I.

The boy kittens are such a joy! Am glad that I spent so much time with them early on….now they are very happy to climb onto my lap and, quite frankly, interrupt my typing. I just looked down and  Ollie is now at my feet clammering to get up on my lap again.

I have not been successful at capturing them all together with the camera….but I do have one with two of them…so here we go!

Two of them

Lucy and Stan

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