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Earlier this evening…just home from work… kind of winding down for a few minutes…and I was thinking how calm and peaceful it felt. The cats, Stan and Ollie, are quite settled now…and I thought that Lucy was entertaining herself. I quickly realized she was as I was sitting at the computer and out of the corner of my eye…saw my girl puppy race by full of herself with a ball of yarn in her mouth! Couldn’t move fast enough to do a camera shot…but I did retrieve the yarn.

It’s now later in the evening…..Lucy had a wonderful run at 9:30 pm…and has now worked herself into her “witching” hour which would have been much worst if she hadn’t run. I must say this girl puppy is a joy in the morning…she wakes up slowly…will finally stretch and then get out the door to join the cats who have already embarked upon the world.

Really…..cat photos coming tomorrow.

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