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A holiday!

Bill and I have managed to travel to South Lake Tahoe for a long weekend….it is beautiful as always here….the first day was one of driving, hanging out in the back yard of this wonderful cabin/home that Bill’s son and wife have. Dinner on the porch and later in the evening…a hot tub for Pam and me. Today we are off to Fallen Leaf Lake for starters.

So what about the animal farm? This is the best. Lucy is at her dog hotel MetroDog. You know that little girl puppy didn’t even look back when she went off to playland with the other small dogs. Thanks again to all my knitting friends for making me aware of this wonderful service. And Stan and Ollie were snuggling up on the futon when I left them. They are under the watchful eyes of Diane.

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That girl puppy Lucy has had quite a morning and she is now (1pm) in dreamland.

We started at 7:00 am with a Pt Isabel visit….which included new terrorities and new dogs as well as some old friends….Angus, Rocky, Angus, Rubin….and they were all tumbling and running to be beat the band! Early on Lucy discovered that she could run out to the stretch where you often find fishers…but no fishers this morning thank goodness. She was full of her usual energy of greeting everything and everyone that she saw.

Several of my knitting friends have recommended MetroDog (here in El Cerrito) to me. I was interested because I may be out going of town for a few days soon….and need to make arrangements for Lucy care. So Lucy and I joined the 10:00  am social hour (free) and what a hoot! Dogs and puppies everywhere with handlers and owners all around. Lucy played with all….but she struck up a real “tumble” session with Rosy….a 17 lb 4 1/2 month old that was Rott???? meaning I only remember part of the mix. Rosy was as full of energy as Lucy. Lucy is now 4 1/2 months old as well and probably weighs 25 lbs (last vet visit a couple of weeks ago she was 23 lbs.)

This is one time I didn’t have my camera darn it. The photo opportunities were great!

We returned to find Stan, the kitten/cat, had decorated the dining room for our homecoming. A ball of yarn was strung all around….bless his little cat heart.

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More about Lucy

I’m still waiting for the perfect photo moment to capture the three – Stan, Ollie, and Lucy – all in one shot. Once that happens…I’ll post it almost immediately. Actually, the morning time would be perfect as they all awake calm and not chasing each other yet! The march to the back door is pretty funny – I am still in my morning fog directing them all out….and it’s the funniest thing to see all the feet headed to the greater outdoors.

Lucy had another great dog park weekend….twice at Pt Isabel, a couple of times at the neighborhood park and Saturday midday found us climbing/hiking behind the El Cerrito Recycling Center. And Lucy met another dog friend….here are her latest adventures!

Rat! (not literally)….Ollie isn’t home yet…that gad-about! The other two are getting ready to call it a day!….some 15 minutes later and moving up to 10:45 pm and the gad-about is home….yeah!

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Lucy had a really full day of exercise…..a walk at noon when I came home for lunch… a run at Pt. Isabel at 6pm as I swung by on my way to Costco to buy a new printer on sale…I had been limping by for several months on my lame printer..and then no printer at all. Knitting workshop tonight here at the Studio and then Lucy had one more outdoor adventure at the neighborhood dog park at Memorial Park. This is the park that is just a few blocks from my home.

Good thing I wanted to eat light tonight as there was no time to cook for me…so it was a mixed green salad with farmer’s cheese and strawberries dressed with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing…lot’s of black pepper.

When Lucy and I pulled into the driveway after the late hour run (9:45 pm), the boy kittens – Stan and Ollie – were in the driveway fixated on the sky or something around them. They were both arched tall and it took a while to lure them back into the “homestead’.

More pictures coming!

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Stan...he's discovered the roof!

The boy kittens are 9 months old on July 15…can it be that 7 1/2 months have gone by since I brought them home?

Check out Stan on the garage roof top. As I was leaving for work one morning I looked up and saw one of them on the roof top…and I actually think it was Ollie that I saw “up in the sky” first.

Look close - Stan is on the roofStan roof 070509

Last weekend my camera was out I “caught” Stan on the rooftop.

Isn’t it fun to see their horizons expand!

An aside…this is the boy kitten/cat that has been so easy since the moment he came home…he is such a love as is his brother (although Ollie had to work his way up to it…he wasn’t so sure.)  Ollie will have his own photo day soon.

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Earlier this evening…just home from work… kind of winding down for a few minutes…and I was thinking how calm and peaceful it felt. The cats, Stan and Ollie, are quite settled now…and I thought that Lucy was entertaining herself. I quickly realized she was as I was sitting at the computer and out of the corner of my eye…saw my girl puppy race by full of herself with a ball of yarn in her mouth! Couldn’t move fast enough to do a camera shot…but I did retrieve the yarn.

It’s now later in the evening…..Lucy had a wonderful run at 9:30 pm…and has now worked herself into her “witching” hour which would have been much worst if she hadn’t run. I must say this girl puppy is a joy in the morning…she wakes up slowly…will finally stretch and then get out the door to join the cats who have already embarked upon the world.

Really…..cat photos coming tomorrow.

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I think Lucy has finally given into sleep! She worked herself into her late frenzy.

She had a great day…. a run at Pt Isabel at 7:15 am.

Happy Trails

Happy Trails

Who would believe so many people are there at that time of day?!

Dogs and more dogs

Dogs and more dogs- South of Inlet

Lucy and I cross the  bridge to the north side of the dog park….and I am amazed at the grouping of so many dogs! Again, it is only 7:15 am….and it’s Sunday morning….. a day of rest!

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs - North of Inlet and walking bridge

Lucy ran and ran….we weaved our way in and out of the trails…with the eye infection (that is really under control) I did not want her mixing with other dogs.

So…that was the beginning of the day…home to the kittens and hanging out….naps for Lucy, Stan and Ollie during the day….I think I even snuck a few minutes!  Then I was out for a while…when I returned at mid evening Lucy was ready to rock and roll…so another dog park trip…this time to the one just a couple blocks away….and for 20 mins she ran and ran while I walked. She literally runs huge circles around me…and when she does go ahead she’s always checking back to make sure I am following. Her energy was still high when we got back and she truly needed to crash. She did with a little help from me…can’t believe I am saying this…but Lucy had a “time-out” in her crate and within minutes she was asleep. Think I need to do the same.

Tomorrow: the cats….Stan has discovered the garage roof.

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I can hardly believe it’s been a week…and it’s been a week of many things. Right now Lucy is snoring away…yeah! Yesterday she awoke with eye “junk” and today I took her to the vet. Miss social Lucy got conjuntivitis from her socializing with other dogs.  She is on restriction for a week…no running with other dogs. So now we will be running at the crack of dawn and then late into the night…regardless of eye infection, she needs to run. This girl is a herder…and she is much happier herding and romping!

And in the middle of dog training, running, and “directing” the boy kittens and Lucy (let’s not even talk about work)….I decided to redo the hardwood floors in the studio/living room area. Lucy had “claimed” the rug and it went out last week. Redoing the floors means cleaning and waxing…after reminding myself about the best way to do my hardwood floors. The floor is looking great…but has taken many more hours that I had remembered.

Photos coming soon…I am dreaming of a threesome very soon….Stan, Ollie, and Lucy! And I am more than a little excited that a 3-day weekend is coming up.

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