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Another dog park

I’ve discovered another dog park just blocks from my home. It is at Memorial Park in Albany. I’ve seen this park as I drive by, but I wasn’t quite sure it was a park where dogs were allowed or whether it was just “taken over”. To my joy dogs are lawful in this enclosed area. Now this is a great opportunity to be sure that my dog is getting enough exercise during the week. Lucy and I will now be there most mornings before I go to work. I love Point Isabel for the weekend…because of its beauty of the bay…and also because it is such an great outdoors area for dogs. In fact, Point Isabel is recognized as one of the best dog parks in the area. For us city folks….and for folks like me who are really country folks… it’s like being in the country….where dogs can run and run!

The exercise is even more uppermost in my mind after I had conversation at the pet store about Lucy’s breed. The owner asked me if anyone had mentioned the brat stage. Of course, I said, “Tell me more.” At about 10 months my kind of dog who will probably weigh 80 lbs can be going through its “teen years” and teething again…so watch out for everything. Even though these pups can be so cute…God knows Lucy is really cute….they need to know from the beginning who the “alpha” dog is. For me part of the success of that role is being sure that she has enough exercise.  So…..I should be getting in better shape!

The boy kittens are the best. It’s a joy to see them greet me when I come home. I can often hear their bells before I see them. More about them in my next post. It is an amazement to me how much I enjoy cats now….in my younger years I was almost phobic about not liking them. And then I got Rainy…my cat who was with me for 17 years. Read more about her on the page “In Memory – Misty, Rainy,  and Breezy

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Love my girl!

Love my girl dog, Lucy, and yet thank God she is sleeping. Amazing what I can accomplish in Lucy’s downtime.

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So…I wanted to check the kitten and puppy ages to human age. The boy kittens at 8 months are 11+ years….and the puppy at 3 mos  is 3 years…..no wonder the kittens look at Lucy, the pup, like she is crazy! And tonight she is a little crazy…what to chew next?! And I think I have the answer to my question…how long are they kittens? Until they are one human year old. Oh…I feel a sense of calm and sleepiness hitting this household…and that includes me.

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Lucy began her day with two laps around the north end of the Point Isabel dog park. She ran and played with yet more dogs new to her. All the while the boy kittens, Stan and Ollie, explored the backyard. And, yes, their world is growing…they now often greet me on the front steps. Good news! I haven’t collapsed yet from the “shock” of seeing them out of the backyard. Mid day….it was so pleasant with Lucy under my feet sleeping…and Stan squirming around on the picnic table as I was solving a knitting dilemna for Margot. At the end of the afternoon Lucy and I took a walk with our 5-yr old neighbor, Ridley. She is so cute…and I want both Lucy and Ridley to know each other.

It’s quiet here now…makes me think all are asleep…and good because I have a few more things to do before I crash.

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Lucy had a day!

Lucy had so much activity today…and I am amazed at how much energy this 3-month old pup has. The day started with a walk at Point Isabel….we were a little later this morning…7:30 am…and the dog park was quite active. Lucy met new friends…canine and human. And what a pleasure to hear so many folks say how cute she is ….and how old is she? She ran and ran across the park.

And then we were home for a day of knitting workshops….which were held in the back yard both because the weather was great…and because I am having the hardwood floor in the studio redone. Lucy spent her day being greeted, hugged, kissed, etc by most all! And then I entertained her with an almost empty jar of low-fat peanut butter. OMG…she was so busy!

In early afternoon her dog friends began to visit…first Rufus who she met last weekend ….they’ve become great friends. Their romping makes hearts happy..particularly Sheri’s and mine.

Kimberly has a new 7-month old puppy, Taffy. Taffy is so new that she is getting used to everyone….and they to her. Kimberly is out of town for a few days and her husband, Terry, brought Taffy by.  The threesome with Lucy, Rufus, and Taffy was a little rough….but Taffy is still settling in…a young pup with new “parents” and new friends.  Terry took Taffy for a walk…and during that time Lucy had more visitors..Howie and his “mom” Connie. Lucy was romping some more! And then Terry and I took a walk in the neighborhood with Taffy…a little bonding time for me with Kimberly and Terry’s  new pup. (Kimberly had a special relationship with my dog Breezy…and it is great for us to have our next chapter pups be special to each of us. Kimberly and Terry’s dog, Bella, left them in January.)

Terry and I came back from our walk with Taffy…to my yard and we began the great experiment of having our pups really meet  each other. 45 minutes later both pups were tired from their romping….my pup Lucy is only 20 lbs at the moment (and based on the size of her paw will probably be 60-80 lb dog)…and she held her own with Taffy who is twice the size. And both dogs love Terry…so check out these photos.

Oh…the great dog love affair! For me my heart is so happy…and doubly full because of the kittens, Stan and Ollie.

All are home tonight and resting….getting ready for another adventuresome day. Oh….I just hear Lucy snoring…truly music!

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Stan did come home in the wee hours….I did what one shouldn’t do…I left the back door ajar so that he come home.  Will be a shopping for new door very soon! And then yesterday…Friday…those boy kittens both stayed out for a very long time…so once again my heart was happy when I saw them both here…those rascals just stopping in for a meal! But there is a lot of joy seeing them discover the yard and beyond. Today I turned to see Stan jump into the lemon tree and then move on out over the fence. In the very next post (within minutes) I will share the day that Lucy had with her pup friends.

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I know it’s good for the kittens…but I am not excited that they have expanded their world beyond this yard…this afternoon was their great adventure out! They came home for dinner…and then Lucy and I took a drive with Bill. The boy kittens were left indoors and then I let them out when I got home around 8pm. I am regretting that decision…it is nearing 9:30pm and they are not home. In the meantime Lucy has played herself out and she is sleeping by the back door. And I am blogging wishing my boy kittens were here…I know they will be soon.

Okay..it’s a few minutes later…I stepped out onto the deck and there was Ollie on the roof on top of the garage….he gave me the cat allure and then meandered his way back into the yard…and he is now in the house…just waiting for Stan! Oh, where is that boy?

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Look carefully and you will see the gang!

Look carefully and you will see the gang!

The pup and kittens are still charting their terrorities….in this photo Ollie and Stan are on the far left looking down into the yard where Lucy is comptemplating her next action.

Stan and Ollie are reigning over the yard.

Ollie and Stan "guarding" the deck.

Ollie and Stan "guarding" the deck.

I came home for lunch today…mostly to check on the gang. They were having a great time outdoors…and still were when I saw that the kittens had discovered ways to manuever the fence…luckily neither one left. But it was comical…Ollie was hanging from the fence as he was trying to get away from Lucy…and then I discovered Stan looking down from the top of the fence on the back of the yard…a part that is covered with foliage from trees and bushes. It was a Kodak moment, but I couldn’t move fast enough to grap my camera…so it is now a wonderful memory.

This evening Ludy outdid herself playing with an empy large water bottle. At one point she was so tired she stumbled up on the stairs…not down! Okay, the gang is asleep now and I better take advantage of that and head for bed myself.

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Another OMG! Saturday started at 5:30 am…coffee..and then I loaded up Lucy for her first day at Point Isabel, one of our local dog parks. She is only 3 mos old and I wanted to be there before other dogs….and success…there were no other dogs in the north side of the inlet. Once we crossed the bridge to that side, I unleased her and what a good dog. She ran and walked with me…never more than a safe distance away…and then she changed her plan. She would run ahead of me..still a safe distance and then would stop to be sure I was following.

Lucy's first day dog park

Lucy's first day dog park

Back for a morning of knitting workshop for me with Lucy and kittens, Stan and Ollie,  in the yard …I must check how long they are kittens…and it is such a joy to see them play together…not always perfect but certainly going in the right direction.

The afternoon knitting group got the “travel” bug for a field trip to Art Fibers in Pinole. After that yarn indulgence…we journeyed the short distance to Kimberly’s home…where we knit, wined, and watched two of our dogs romp. Lucy and Rufus had a full hour of dog play…can you believe it play dates for dogs! But it was the best. I can hardly wait until we do it again!

Lucy and Rufus

Lucy and Rufus - they really are playing!!

And we were back at Point Isabel again this morning where Lucy met more new friends….

New friends for Lucy - Ann and dog, Angus

Lucy with new friends - Ann and Angus, the dog!

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It was time to check in my new pup with the vet clinic, Cordonices, today. I’ve used this vet clinic since I got my first dog, Misty, in 1987; and I am forever indebted to them for their care of my pets.

Back to Lucy….she got the 3rd of her 4-shot series (she got her earlier shots on the sheep farm where she was born.) Another month, after her 4th shot, and she will be ready for the dog park. She weighed in at 20.1 lbs. today…a growing “toddler”.

It was heartwarming that she was greeted by many….the same many who helped me care for Breezy, my 10+ year old dog, when she was ill.

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