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Mid-day Sunday

Lucy has had a full 24 hours of fun and stimulation while Stan and Ollie have had some quiet time.

Lucy and I headed out yesterday to my niece’s home in Manteca to join a  family birthday celebration for my sister Betty. Lucy was really a happy dog…. she was surrounded by two pugs as well children and adults who were showering her with hugs and pet kisses.  She was a hit….and quite full of herself. Her other experiences in the last 24 hours –  chewing almost all the way through her new harness collar from “Auntie” Honara (my niece) which is now decorated with electrical tape, attacking the rose bush, discovering the lining under the sand gravel in the backyard, and tasting peanut butter in the kong! She is a busy girl and has knocked herself out into another nap!

Coming: new photos of Stan and Ollie

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