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Lucy had a full day today…she became part of another knitting group. Her tail was wagging so hard, I’m surprised that I don’t show bruises. She did not like the wind today….just dug in her heels against a walk….and then tonight she has been more than a little cranky trying to go to sleep….she finally dropped after an hour of fussing around. It’s fun…..and often challenging learning the habits of a new pet. She is sleeping with her paw around the new toy that Jean gave to her today. Oh, the blessed sound of snoring!

Stan and Ollie are really working on getting close to Lucy…..this could be a big weekend here!

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I’ve been asked this question a few times…after all my kittens were and are wonderful. I will point you to a post that I did on my family cousin blog that describes how this came to be.

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