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Lucy’s home!

Day 1 – The puppy journey has begun. Yesterday morning my friend, Susanne, joined me on the jaunt to Escalon to pick up Lucy from the sheep farm where she was born. Susanne arrived right on time at 5:30 am only to discover that I had over slept…I rarely oversleep! That was one of my fastest showers….I threw on my “country-best” clothes and we were on the road in 20 minutes. And our goal was to be back here in El Cerrito by 9:30 for our morning knitting workshop. Perfect trip – we were met by Lucy racing across the yard from just having had her bath….we loaded up and were back in El Cerrito by 9 – perfect!

Lucy is a 14-lb, 9-wk old Kelpie-Labradour mix and was one of either 8 or 10 pups.  Her mother is the Kelpie and the thoughts are that the father was a neighbor Lab…oh those dogs were playing. Her first day in the city went well. She is affectionate, loving, and likes people. She met the Saturday morning knitting group and there were lots of oohs and aahs!

She and the kittens are still warming up too each other. I’ve been doing it gradually as I want the kittens to be okay….I know they can take care of themselves…just want it to be easy. Lucy is now exploring the backyard…speaking of the backyard…I had this notion to create a mini-yard within the bigger yard. I spent a few hours last weekend doing that…and really forgot how quickly puppies grow. I was sure that when I saw her 2 weeks ago that my plans for the yard would be great. She was over the top of that mini-fence within minutes. Back to the drawing board! I gardened, which means cleaned up the weeds in the gravel, on the north side of the house. This fenced-in area is a nice runway for a puppy….I didn’t think of it in the first place because I was “seeing” a puppy yard that was visible from my back door. Each day will be a new adventure for all of us!

Here’s Lucy.

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