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Ollie came home with the name, Handful, and I suspect it was because he was so stand-offish. Stan, his brother, was immediately loving and affectionate. Four months later…Ollie can’t get close enough when I am working on the computer and Stan guards the door…the affectionate but independent cat from the beginning. They are such wonderful kittens and companions.

And now I am about to upset this idealic setting….this coming weekend Lucy comes to live with us. Yep, Lucy is a dog….OMG. My oldest niece is a great advocate for my animal kingdom/family and she found a pup for me. She knows I was devastated when my 10-yr old dog, Breezy, died in November…and I wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog…so the boy kittens, a Christmas gift (from Bill) , came home when my household was lacking the pitter patter of animal feet.

I was on the fence about this pup and then I met her on Mother’s Day. Here’s where the OMG really comes in …she looked at me with those pup eyes, gave me many kisses, and I knew then that she was coming home…but not that day. I needed to get ready for a pup and have a few days at home with her…..I  named her Lucy on the way home…goes with Stan and Ollie…vaudeveille!

I spent a lot of time this past weekend getting ready. She now has her own little “pup” yard within the bigger yard. And I closed off a major opening that Breezy once escaped through.

Think this will be a camp out weekend on the kitchen floor as all get adjusted. Even though I think I’m slightly crazy….or maybe a lot crazy… for doing this, I am very excited to bring Lucy home and blend the cats and pup together.

p.s. Lucy is a Keltie mix and will need a lot of exercise…my thinking is that she will help get me on track with my own exercise!

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