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Mid-day Sunday

Lucy has had a full 24 hours of fun and stimulation while Stan and Ollie have had some quiet time.

Lucy and I headed out yesterday to my niece’s home in Manteca to join a  family birthday celebration for my sister Betty. Lucy was really a happy dog…. she was surrounded by two pugs as well children and adults who were showering her with hugs and pet kisses.  She was a hit….and quite full of herself. Her other experiences in the last 24 hours –  chewing almost all the way through her new harness collar from “Auntie” Honara (my niece) which is now decorated with electrical tape, attacking the rose bush, discovering the lining under the sand gravel in the backyard, and tasting peanut butter in the kong! She is a busy girl and has knocked herself out into another nap!

Coming: new photos of Stan and Ollie

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Early morning

Kittens and puppy awake with the coming of light…good thing that is my body clock as well. The house has gone quiet as they have worn themselves out with the first couple hours of the day….food and then some romping. Stan and Ollie have discovered the hall closet and how easy it is to open. Lucy has exhausted herself with a short walk and then the frenzy of a new chew toy. This is a wonderful gift from Jean and it helps to keep her chewing focus on one thing – the chew toy.

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Lucy had a full day today…she became part of another knitting group. Her tail was wagging so hard, I’m surprised that I don’t show bruises. She did not like the wind today….just dug in her heels against a walk….and then tonight she has been more than a little cranky trying to go to sleep….she finally dropped after an hour of fussing around. It’s fun…..and often challenging learning the habits of a new pet. She is sleeping with her paw around the new toy that Jean gave to her today. Oh, the blessed sound of snoring!

Stan and Ollie are really working on getting close to Lucy…..this could be a big weekend here!

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I’ve been asked this question a few times…after all my kittens were and are wonderful. I will point you to a post that I did on my family cousin blog that describes how this came to be.

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Lucy has her squeaky chicken

Lucy has her squeaky chicken

Is it really the beginning of day 6? We’ve had a morning walk around the block. She cracks me up as she checks out the neighborhood, making sure that she knows her way home. There are many stops as she looks back over her shoulder.

She has met many neighbors during our walks….she invites greetings.

And the kittens continue to be more curious about this puppy all the time.

She now has a squeaky chicken toy, a gift from my friend Paula…another dog lover.

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Day 2 or is it?! – Lucy is settling in and the kittens, Stan and Ollie,  are now moving closer to her. This morning Stan actually came nose to nose with Lucy who is on lease in the house…and most of the time except for the yard. She thinks the yard is a race track…today she worked herself so hard running…she  had a walk this morning….that she threw herself into a little dog fit! (She did nap this morning for a couple of hours!) Finally she crashed (I tricked her) after  she just kept wanting to play and be cranky like any overtired child. She has been napping for over 2 hrs this afternoon…and is just waking up. She is about to go for another walk before her dinner. Love this animal farm!

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Lucy’s home!

Day 1 – The puppy journey has begun. Yesterday morning my friend, Susanne, joined me on the jaunt to Escalon to pick up Lucy from the sheep farm where she was born. Susanne arrived right on time at 5:30 am only to discover that I had over slept…I rarely oversleep! That was one of my fastest showers….I threw on my “country-best” clothes and we were on the road in 20 minutes. And our goal was to be back here in El Cerrito by 9:30 for our morning knitting workshop. Perfect trip – we were met by Lucy racing across the yard from just having had her bath….we loaded up and were back in El Cerrito by 9 – perfect!

Lucy is a 14-lb, 9-wk old Kelpie-Labradour mix and was one of either 8 or 10 pups.  Her mother is the Kelpie and the thoughts are that the father was a neighbor Lab…oh those dogs were playing. Her first day in the city went well. She is affectionate, loving, and likes people. She met the Saturday morning knitting group and there were lots of oohs and aahs!

She and the kittens are still warming up too each other. I’ve been doing it gradually as I want the kittens to be okay….I know they can take care of themselves…just want it to be easy. Lucy is now exploring the backyard…speaking of the backyard…I had this notion to create a mini-yard within the bigger yard. I spent a few hours last weekend doing that…and really forgot how quickly puppies grow. I was sure that when I saw her 2 weeks ago that my plans for the yard would be great. She was over the top of that mini-fence within minutes. Back to the drawing board! I gardened, which means cleaned up the weeds in the gravel, on the north side of the house. This fenced-in area is a nice runway for a puppy….I didn’t think of it in the first place because I was “seeing” a puppy yard that was visible from my back door. Each day will be a new adventure for all of us!

Here’s Lucy.

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….that loving boy kitten that I was praising earlier this week earned a new knickname – little s….! While he is so affectionate and looks over my shoulder when I am at the computer, he has figured it out when I come looking for him to move him to the kitchen with his brother during knit time. Last night we played walk around the table…and I was losing. But finally I won!

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Ollie came home with the name, Handful, and I suspect it was because he was so stand-offish. Stan, his brother, was immediately loving and affectionate. Four months later…Ollie can’t get close enough when I am working on the computer and Stan guards the door…the affectionate but independent cat from the beginning. They are such wonderful kittens and companions.

And now I am about to upset this idealic setting….this coming weekend Lucy comes to live with us. Yep, Lucy is a dog….OMG. My oldest niece is a great advocate for my animal kingdom/family and she found a pup for me. She knows I was devastated when my 10-yr old dog, Breezy, died in November…and I wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog…so the boy kittens, a Christmas gift (from Bill) , came home when my household was lacking the pitter patter of animal feet.

I was on the fence about this pup and then I met her on Mother’s Day. Here’s where the OMG really comes in …she looked at me with those pup eyes, gave me many kisses, and I knew then that she was coming home…but not that day. I needed to get ready for a pup and have a few days at home with her…..I  named her Lucy on the way home…goes with Stan and Ollie…vaudeveille!

I spent a lot of time this past weekend getting ready. She now has her own little “pup” yard within the bigger yard. And I closed off a major opening that Breezy once escaped through.

Think this will be a camp out weekend on the kitchen floor as all get adjusted. Even though I think I’m slightly crazy….or maybe a lot crazy… for doing this, I am very excited to bring Lucy home and blend the cats and pup together.

p.s. Lucy is a Keltie mix and will need a lot of exercise…my thinking is that she will help get me on track with my own exercise!

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I had too much fun making this slide show of the boys.

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