“Only in Berkeley”

Back to this blog after long absence……

About 2/3 into today’s morning 1-hr walk with Lucy dog, I heard a dog commotion ahead across Key Route. A couple minutes later a woman biker decides to stop abruptly in front of car across the street from where I was walking. She began to tell me about the commotion….dog off leash and owner on cell phone not “reading” her dog. She then points to cell phone (without earbuds) in my hand. Why did I even respond with “I am listening to a book while walking”? She says, “But you aren’t reading your dog then.” I respond, “Of course I am.”

I spent the rest of the walk grumbling to myself (and Lucy who was on leash) that I don’t always have to be nice. Grrrrr!


It’s time to be back and chat about this great animal “farm” of mine. The sounds were particularly beautiful this morning at 7:15 am or so. The crows were cawing, Ollie cat was sounding his familiar cry (I’m joining you), the air had a slight chill and the skies were lovely. It was a perfect way to start the day. On this day I didn’t listen to my audio book…simply listened to the sounds of nature.

Oh…..where was Stan cat? Apparently he stayed home to guard the house.

Glad to be back on the blogging trail…sharing the walks and stuff of Stan, Ollie and Lucy!

Lucy….back at the dog park

Thanks to Jan for suggesting we take a walk at Pt Isabel yesterday afternoon…..as it turned out Jan decided not to go…..but what a great time was had by Lucy. She was leash free and romping through the wet field….including the puddles. She had a great exercise day….a 30-min walk in the morning and 30 minutes at the dog park. It was a restful night for all!

Our Morning Walk

Lucy was ready to go this morning….there was a second or two where she marched around trying to herd me and I swear….she has a look just like my mom’s. My sister Betty and her children know that look…it’s the “once up and down” and then some. Lucy cracks me up when she is ready….she sees me change shoes and jacket and she becomes a herder.

Today it wasn’t the neighborhood squirrels and cats that “spooked” her….it was the Halloween decorations. She did a double take when she saw the RIP yard….and then the barking began.

Love the autumn morning crisp air.

A night at home…

Time to share the love of this pet household….settling in for the evening…spent some time on the kitchen floor watching Lucy dog and the brother cats – Stan and Ollie – settle for the evening. Here is what it looked like tonight. (Stan has white on his paws…thus Ollie is the one with out white.)

Lucy dog and I headed out for our morning walk…..she on her leash beside me while I am listening to “The Paris Wife”….have the iPhone in my pocket…no ear buds as I want to hear things around me. Lucy and I walked two blocks before Ollie cat joined us….he had much to say along the way. We only walked two more blocks before I felt like we had entered twilight zone with a flashback to Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”. There were a few blackbirds sitting on the telephone wires. One of them took a particular interest in Ollie….that darn blackbird kept swooping down and moving from block to block. At one point I picked up the cat. After about 3 more blocks the blackbird stopped trailing us. It’s soon time to turn the corner heading back home…..Lucy digs in her heels and we have to have a moment of chat. Onward…..and then there was the squirrel….more rigid moments in Lucy’s body. Stan cat greets us (now it’s just Lucy and me….Ollie left us a couple blocks before home). Stan is stretching and rolling over on his back as we walk up the driveway. Then he jumps up to kiss Lucy. Stan likes to stay home and “guard” the house.

It’s been a “jungle” kind of morning!

Ollie led the walk today!

It was a lovely and lively walk today…..Ollie cat stayed with us for the 30 minute walk….Stan cat stayed home to “guard” the house. The gang is all resting now!